need help w/ midi mapping

Hi all! I've been using Drambo for a few months, but I just purchased my first MIDI controller for it--a used Novation Zero SL mk II. I want to map the 8 encoders on the unit onto different parameters for each track, so that they only control whichever track is active. I can't seem to figure out how to do this. I'm a total novice w/ MIDI, so take it easy on me. :) Thanks!


  • @djeephus MIDI mapping is global, it doesn't follow the active track. One alternative is to assign different mappings to different channels or maybe different CC values, if your controller has some easy way to switch channels, templates or CC banks. Another option is to use the MIDI CC modulator module and modulate the parameter you want to control with it. This, of course, requires the parameter to be modulatable in the first place, which is not the case for MIDI mapping.

  • Doesn't the Zero SL mk2 support encoder banks?

    I hope that's what the "Page" buttons are for. Like one controller bank for each track.

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    I've been thinking about this the last couple of days. Having "relative" macro knobs would be huge for getting closer to an integrated hardware solution. Imagine having a way to map cardinal movements to a 4D encoder, or a set of cursor buttons, and navigate through modules, having the standard parameters of each one surface to assignable macro slots, so that you have a set of n macro encoders assigned on your control and they map to the selected modules default macro controls.

    For example, you have 8 encoders in a bank on your controller that you want to assign to Macro 1-8 in Drambo. Then when you select say an Amp Envelope module you end up with your macros mapped as such:

    • Macro 1: Attack
    • Macro 2: Decay
    • Macro 3: Sustain
    • Macro 4: Release
    • Macro 5: Amp
    • Macro 6: Velocity
    • Macro 7: NC
    • Macro 8: NC

    Basically creating a Push with Ableton or Elektron type workflow. Of course, you can still have direct global mappings as well, this just adds dynamic macros to per-module default controls.

  • @Liquidmantis This brings up a number of additional questions:

    • Shouldn't the track MIDI "Receives MIDI" be split into "MIDI to Sequencer", "MIDI to Track" and "MIDI to Control"? If only the currently selected track would receive MIDI control and the same controller CC or Note number or keyboard key could be mapped to multiple destinations (currently that's only possible in AUM, not in Drambo), then you have that: Controller "banks" even with hardware controllers that don't have controller banks.
    • A controller type like CC, Note and keyboard Key should be mappable multiple times, then with a little warning sign like in AUM.
    • Another option to discuss: In the MIDI mapping dialog, above "Event type": A new setting "Scope: " = { Track or Global }. If set to "Track", the same CC or Note or Key can be mapped in multiple tracks and will only be effective when that track is selected. If set to "Global", the controller will always act on all mapped destinations.. This can be even more elegant than the AUM solution because in Drambo, we have tracks that can be selected e.g. by pads.
  • @rs2000 this is a much more elegant solution than what I had thought of, a “track selected” module which would send 1 when track was active and 0 when not.

  • The page button on the Zero SL MkII doesn't actually page through controller banks, it pages through menu options. There is a way to combine templates and switch between them on the fly, but it's a bit cumbersome. The idea for macro knobs that Liquidmantis suggests is exactly what I was hoping existed!

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