Drambo is the Masterpiece

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Drambo its definitely a Masterpiece but the thing is that i just started like 6 months using iphone for the first time and also i just started using all the daws and auv3 instruments and fxs plugins in the app store because that was my reason to move from android phones to the iphone the music apps, because before i got the iphone i used to make beats in android for 2 years using Caustic 3 which is one of my top favorite mobile daw, but anyway 6 months ago i started my search for the most complete mobile DAW for iphone and the most user friendly and with the best workflow. 

well the search begins, i started by doing some research in youtube, where i came across all this different apps that i never knew about, first i got interested in Beatmaker2 because i thought is was beatmakers 3 😖from watching a couple of beatmakers tutorials videos from some guy call bolo, what can’t i say, well that beatmaker 2 wasn’t definitely it, so to make long story short after 6 months i ended up buying every single Daw and auv3 app in the app store and let me tell you, basically i was looking around the app store literally 2 days algo to see what other auv3 app that i didn’t had, which was only 3 apps the first one was 1. korg eletribe wave 2. groove rider amd also i didn’t had Drambo so i started buying the apps in that same order testing each one after i bought it, and funny thing is that DRAMBO was the last app that bought in the app store in general from all the daws and auv3 apps in the store Drambo was literally the last one and the last one because i bought them all but the funny part of the story is that i really overlook Drambo because i spend over $800 before i got to Drambo AND DRAMBO IS EXACTLY EVERYTHING I WAS LOOKING FOR FROM THE BEGINNING 😭😭😭😭😭 meaning i spend over $800 and wasted probably like over $200 looking for DRAMBO, and DRAMBO was right there looking at me wasting all this money in daws and auv3 plugins, when after all DRAMBO was everything and more that i ever need to make great music, 

i thought ZenBeats was going to be my main official app to do everything, well Drambo just proved me wrong after just one day of using it, just like it let me know all the money i wasted, 

i wasted buying Cubasis 3, of course beatmaker 2 was a waste too, also AUM and Audiobus plus nanostudio2, fl mobile audio evolution, impc, it was a waste of money even some auv3 was a was of money 😭😭😭😤😤 thanks to Drambo for letting me know that at the end of my iphone music app search journey 😭😭😭 Anyways DRAMBO IS A MASTERPIECE no doubt about it, the only thing that Drambo is missing and needs it because its it’s a must for completing Art Work of the masterpiece of Drambo, and is a pianoroll because being able to edit notes is essential and it the thing that will complete Drambo, because is Drambo Main Daw in every way and for any music genre, Drambo needs to have a pianoroll with all the Time measure for chrods strumming and trap style hi hats rolls, for editing different notes length in a chord to humanize it, also the melodies single notes length, i mean a pianoroll sequencer It’s a must in a daw or in Drambo!!! 

sorry for my english, Spanish its my main language 

and you can find that i do in my YT channel 



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    Now, Even though Drambo its already a Masterpiece on its own right now... but i know the developers will take it into another transition of becoming a full complete DAW, and we are seen those steps becoming the reality because right now the developers of Drambo as taking the big first step to transform it to a full DAW by adding the ability to insert auv3 plugins, but Drambo is not there yet until the developers takes the biggest steps the to take the Masterpiece to the top top top level in where it will be incredibly hard to compete against, and that could be achieved right now by adopting some what will make Drambo the best and officially in every way, like for sample starting with a powerful editing pianoroll window with all the tools and the ability to like for example the option to connect any modules to the pianoroll to give the user the ability edit the motion or processing the overall or any single step or note in the pianoroll.... also for example a screen keyboard with the abilities of ( different time signature rolls, scales and chords selection and editing for making or creating and adding your own scales and chords plus save it as a preset, and definitely setting the keys to the scales,,, and yes Pitch wheels with the ability to also connected to any module,, and of course keys volume velocity (i think that’s what its called) anyways i really think Drambo developer or developers should take that really under consideration to add in some close update, because that will transform Drambo to the undeniably the BEST DAW and period....

  • if have to pay an extra 19.99 for that update i will with no hesitation

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    That was hard to read, but I try

    you can edit the note length

    hold note or chord and swipe to the right

    you can also edit the gate length of each note it the chord by pressing step and the note or chord

    For trap you want triplets I guess,

    swing is your friend

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