Step parameter changes don't work

Hello there! Any changes to the step parameters/components (velocity, probability, cycle, etc) do not work. Only offset parameter is working. I tried different modules and different projects. iPad Air 2020. Any suggestions would be useful


  • zamok, two things: first make sure velocity is actually modulating something in your rack, otherwise it won’t make any difference. For the step components, they should come before the note; ie. Probability before the Note component. It’s all calculated in order.

  • Another potential pitfall is that when you add an Amp Env ADSR for example, the velocity sensitivity defaults to zero.

    Turn up the knob and make sure the V input is connected e.g. to the V output from MIDI to CV,

  • Thank you for your advice! Although it is strange that these settings do not work by default, because in your youtube video about step components, you just added the module and and everything worked without any velocity pre-settings

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