Hard Sync Wavetable?

I can't seem to get the gate input on the wavetable osc to do anything. I was hoping it'd hard sync like the standard osc, but if not what does it do? Thanks!


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    there is sync in the wave fx

    the wave fx do their thing inside the wavetable oscillator

    you can see what they do with the waveforms ...

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    The purpose of the WT Osc gate input is to synchronize its waveform phase so that if you layer multiple WT Osc or use it for percussives for example, the waveforms will all start in sync. Being applied at a much lower than audio rate, it's very CPU efficient but the consequence is that you'll have to use the Sync Wave Effect instead, like @lala wrote.

    Note that this sync mechanism will be disabled if you set the Phase knob to "Free".

  • Great thanks to you both!

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