Audio Unit Processor - UI Display

Having mapped parameters direct on the Audio Unit Processor module in Drambo (whether mapped from list or direct from the AU UI) is brilliant. 

My observation is that when clicking into an AU it’s a bit hit and miss as to whether you can see the full display of the AU’s UI. In portrait or landscape mode. Some parameters are cut off or not visible.

You can eventually achieve full display in landscape mode (preferred). By re-entering the UI in portrait mode. Then coming straight back out (Pressing ‘X’). Rotating your device to landscape and reentering the AU. 

It would be an improvement to workflow if the UI was made to fit the available display in either portrait or landscape mode. And, that ‘fit to display’ was retained when rotating from portrait mode to landscape and back. Despite having mapped parameters direct on the Audio Unit Processor module, I still find the need to go back into the AU UI to make precise adjustments. 

Zoom and pan within the AU UI display would also be advantageous but not as critical. 

The issue described is particularly prevalent on devices with more limited screen real estate. Pics showing the issue are from iPhone X showing Gauss and Velvet Machine.


  • recrec
    edited February 7

    It looks like it’s been fixed. Just tried these two in current beta and they scale fine here both on iPad and iPhone (6s+).

  • Great news, thanks @rec. Is that when rotating between portrait and landscape too?

  • Hmm... not quite :)

    After playing around with it a bit, there are still inconsistencies... f.e


    loads fine in landscape, but half UI is missing in portrait on load

    rotation to portrait works fine, rotation to landscape breaks UI

    Velvet Machine

    loads fine in both landscape and portrait

    rotation to portrait works fine, rotation to landscape breaks UI

    The good news is that I haven’t noticed ‘hit and miss’ behaviour, and going full screen and back always fixed the problem.


  • Thanks for checking @rec I think any additional step breaks the creative flow and becomes frustrating over time. Hopefully another hour or so and this can be fixed 😊

  • Could I ask a question on this to the Beepstreet Dev team? 

    Feels like this sort of thing isn’t right for ‘FEATURE WISH-LIST’. Whilst not a bug, as such, it’s not expected behaviour (which I guess technically is a bug) 😊

    Whilst I’m sure there’s a big (daunting) list of ‘Wouldn’t it be good if Drambo could...’ things people have raised. I know I’ve contributed 😇. Is there a way of letting the community (and individual) know when an issue/observation like this has been picked up, assessed by the team and rejected, or accepted for future development and put on the roadmap?

  • recrec
    edited February 20

    In general, we’re trying to provide info where we can.

    This particular case is a good example why’s it difficult sometimes...

    support for all device sizes, rotation, some issues can be addressed in Drambo, others cannot. Finding all the hidden traps that came with AUv3 support will take time, and require ongoing effort.

    Reporting issues is a huge help in this, so please do make noise :)

    edit: I’m cheerleader team :)

  • I agree, on the whole a very good job is done by the entire team regarding this. I’ve certainly had quick and positive responses, even from the Head Honcho 😉

    It’s good getting some acknowledgment when something is raised. Even if it’s ‘We’ll look into it but it’s marked low priority’ (personally I think this one should be a higher priority as it affects AU3 workflow, kills the moment and the fix may not be too time consuming) 🙂

    It just lets you know it’s worth raising these things (as you’ve indicated it is) and, perhaps more importantly, lets the rest of the community know what’s being looked at.

  • Just sayin', this is pretty tough for a single developer. All the sort of discipline that comes from logging reports, prioritizing them, estimating effort, and executing, is hard to apply for a single person, especially with an app as complex as Drambo. Best to just relax and let it flow. And you can email specific bug reports to him directly; check the contact info. This forum is more about help, techniques, and discussion of possible new features.

  • I get that, I hadn’t looked into the company structure 🤣 For all I knew, Giku could have a team of people around him. Let’s not lose perspective here, it’s just a question, and a relaxed one at that. I don’t think anyone should be discouraged from asking questions, but thanks 👍

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