Discussion about adding videos to PatchStorage.

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I love browsing the Drambo patches uploaded by users here on Patchstorage - but there is one thing that bugs me: patches uploaded with neither a screenshot nor a short video clip showing it in action.

So please (please please) could everyone try to add a short Youtube or Vimeo video demo when uploading a new patch to PatchStorage.


  • Man, I understand your frustration but I disagree. I will put a preview video if I can but since this is a voluntary service I would not expect anyone to be spending any more time on it then they’ve spent making a patch.

    Yes, it might not be ideal but it will take you waaaay less time to download and audition the patch then someone to make and upload a video, possibly even with a track demonstrating its use within context. Not to mention uploading unnecessary stuff on YouTube contributing to planet’s energy use (I know it sounds ridiculous).

  • I agree with Supadom with a couple of additions.

    There are many tutorials on YouTube in regards to dRambo.

    Explore the patch's, that's why we share them or share our utilities to make things easier.

    The iOS sphere is awash with tutorials, we don't need anymore.

    We need creations and completed works.

    Also dRambo, though it has a steep learning curve as with anything modular,

    is about what you do with it rather than ,'hi, I have a new app or patch'.

  • Just added preview vids to my last two patches. :)

    Don’t get used to it! (just kidding) 😜

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    A screenshot won’t show you everything if it’s a big patch.

    a YouTube Video? Certainly not.

    how much work is patch sharing supposed to be?

    be grateful that ppl are willing to share their stuff in the first place. ;) @tk32

    besides I have little interest in feeding google with more data.

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    Ok ok...

    Maybe it’s just me then πŸ˜„

    No ungratefulness or offence was ever intended, btw.

    p.s. I changed my thread title to make this discussion more democratic.

  • No worries mate. Sometimes a bit of benign drama is what’s needed on a first Monday night after the half term! ;)

  • No offence taken.

    Personally speaking I'm on some of the most intricate designs I've ever done.

    The only way I can explain them is ,'have look', and ,'oh gosh what's going on.'


    I'll save the YouTube uploads for the Master Classes. πŸ˜‡

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    Well, I'd like to throw in my voice that I agree with the op. I haven't added much to patchstorage, but what I have, I do like to briefly demonstrate some core functionality. I don't know how many people are similar to me, but I can rarely be bothered to download a patch just to find out for myself what it does.. I have more than enough going on already than to swing and miss on dozens of patches. I wan't to feel intrigued, and have a sense about how I can use that patch or utility (especially if the writeup doesn't go into detail too). I approach my uploads as though everyone else shared my mentality..ie, unlikely to bother without a good reason too, haha, So I'll upload a detailed description and an example in use in hopes that more people would feel intrigued enough to download.

    I understand not everyone feels this way. But I greatly appreciate the people that follow the formula: patch image, descriptive overview, musical video (brief or detailed).

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    I don't know how many people are similar to me, but I can rarely be bothered to download a patch just to find out for myself what it does..

    @aleyas exactly, there is a natural balance there. If something intrigues you and it is easy to access, you will get it.

    When I’m faced with an argument I generally try to flip it around and imagine myself being the other party, in this case the browser. I honestly wouldn’t loudly complain about a voluntary service that is free to me and required someone’s unrewarded work to materialise.

    In the same way I’d never allow myself to complain to the creator about their shit patch I’ve wasted my time downloading because I know they would have done it in good faith.

    So yeah, we’re all different and I only made time to reply because this is a bigger argument than just this.

  • Good gosh.

    That's a blast from the past.

    Thanks for that.

    On topic.

    Whilst we at...

    As we now have to upload videos for all of our patches on patch storage.

    please make sure a written manual is included and a completed track

    would be nice as well. 😏

  • Well, I’d hate to see it become a requirement that otherwise stops someone from uploading a good patch. But for my part, I’m happy to do it. I enjoy seeing the demos up there - it’s kind of a quick start for a complex patch.

  • A quick start does not have to be a video.

    One reason why I usually don't upload module presets but complete projects is that it's much easier to showcase the work. People can always save the presets with their own preferred names but in a project, you can have a demo pattern, p-locks and scenes demonstrating good use of what's on offer. A video is not necessarily better. It can be.

  • Totally. Equally effective in my book. I think it’s really about what the creator feels most comfortable with. That will probably make for the best outcome.

  • @rs2000 this kind of changes my stance on uploading modules vs projects. I still prefer the idea of uploading a module as it’s minimal, but a project can be much easier to understand, especially with effects or midi etc.

  • @bcrichards

    I'm in agreement there also.

    Modules are good for creating utilities and essential tools.

  • I completely understood your motivation, it's just that in addition to the "showcase principle" it's also that some people struggled with the module/preset import. It's not that you import and just work with the new module - after importing you first have to find it in your library and then you have to understand what to do with it beforehand. I have the impression that most people would rather remove or exchange a few connections in an existing project than building something from scratch with it which may be hard for some without watching your great YT tutorials πŸ˜‰

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