Is there a way to map the crossfader to aftertouch?

Controlling Drambo with my mpc and I was just curious. Put a post on audiobus forum too but no bites yet, thought maybe someone here would have an idea


  • Not yet, that's why I'm regularly requesting internal MIDI control and modulation.

    Adding MIDI destinations for Drambo MIDI control and track sequencer inputs would extend Drambo's capabilities by a lot.

    Oh, and a fixed channel and poly aftertouch module including a MIDI note setting for poly AT would be sweet too.

  • Ah that’s a shame. Trying to get a similar result using midi key pressure module but I can’t seem to get it to work

  • not sure where I’m going wrong. Set up a really basic thing to just get an idea of how it works, just trying to morph the wave with aftertouch. I’ve got bigger ideas obviously but I just need to figure the module out first

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    Oh right so that module doesn’t do anything right now? That sucks I’ve been sat here for like half an hour dicking around trying to get it working

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    Channel aftertouch works (aftertouch has effect on everything on track)

    polyphonic aftertouch (aftertouch for every single note) doesn’t

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    You can use the MIDI key pressure modulator with channel aftertouch as a mod source inside your rack and modulate all kinds of parameters with the generated signal but that only works with the knobs and parameters that have a dedicated modulation input (a mod input or that well-known little grey arrow to the left of some knobs).

    The easiest test is to connect an oscilloscope to the key pressure modulator's output.

    What you can do now is to have several tracks generating sound and modulate an X-Fader to crossfade between them. No morphing though.

    @giku I'm not only thinking about working channel and poly AT support in the key pressure modulator with selectable note numbers but also MIDI control supporting channel and poly AT with adjustable note numbers.

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