I was wishing today that we had a Discord. It'd be nice to more casually discuss Drambo, patches etc.

Anyone else think this'd be useful?


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  • I know what you mean but I think discord kills forums, happened with beatmaker 3. forums leave a record for people to find in the future. id much prefer to see more people making posts here actively about what theyre up to rather than losing what will likely be a lot of useful information.

  • This make sense. Also, keeping our primary communication a forum makes it so you have to really think out your problem before posting.

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  • Agreed, that discord would be helpful. A bunch of apps now have them, and it's helpful for more realtime conversations.

  • I personally don’t like the format. Tried Discord and Slack and neither do it for me.

  • It takes some getting used to, but I think Drambo can grow further if it had a discord presence. Forums are useful alternative but real time engagement helps users engage with each other. Loopy Pro and AUM both have Discords now. @giku thoughts? I can getting one going if you're interested.

  • I’d participate as well

  • Slack doesn’t do it for me either and Discord doesn’t seem

    appealing for some reason though I do have a presence on both.

  • Why not if there's the desire to chat about less relevant stuff outside this forum.

    I did it but I wouldn't use it anymore, too many forums to check already.

  • I wouldn't mind Zoom and Sonobus in actual fact.

    I've tested Sonobus with a couple of my students and

    it works really well and Zoom is really straightforward.

  • @gravitas You mean Sonobus as an audio conferencing utility?

  • For me is the fragmentation that ruins the experience. If it’s just one place to discuss things I know where I am. When there’s more than one place where stuff (mostly beta) is discussed I start getting lost and don’t have enough time to chase things up tbh.

    Loopy Pro has both Discord and Slack and I took part in both for a while but I’ve ended up abandoning them for some reason, including the AB forum somehow.

    I guess I’m saturated with the whole online/screen time thing in place of real life interactions.

    Somehow Zoom sounds enticing @gravitas it would be nice to see all the regulars in person! Although I’d probably zone out if more technical stuff was discussed 🤣

  • Not for me either... reduced my online presence to this forum and I think I’m good.

    I like the dynamics of this forum... when needed it can work almost like a chat room (even if a messy one) otherwise it’s good to keep bits and pieces for future use.

  • Fragmentation is the key word here. Discord will dilute this forum significantly. Probably has to happen, but I don't welcome it.

    Oh well.

  • @number37

    I don't think "discord" has to happen.

    We chat all the time so there's that and it's mainly dRambo specific and we're getting a lot done.

    As @supadom mentioned I think that Zoom will be a really good way for us to talk about dRambo

    or even just to chat and Sonobus is a similar kinda thing but with the choice to up the audio quailty.

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