stop watching gear reviews on YouTube.

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so the net finally has lost its mind,

no velocity, no aftertouch, no mpe, no timestrech that is above bread & butter timestrech, seq not really polyphon, no single outs, but its the best thing ever. huh?

a 1000€ for this? srsly?!? not sure what the rest of the world is smoking. 🤣

but it comes with chorus now. 😂

oh wow, thats impressive.

Earth to internet : stop fooling yourself.


  • That's the way modern social media marketing works, everything is always 'amazing' and 'the best thing ever' (or any other overused buzzphrase).

    Statements lie 'Best Sampler Ever' has no real value unless a truly objective comparison is made.

    But in this day and age everything is more or less about 'feeling' rather than 'facts'.

  • for half the price it would be a good deal,

    but the amount of cash they are asking for is ridiculous. 😂

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    social media marketing is a bunch of claqueurs (ppl who get paid to clap applause) 🤡

    and if they dont get paid they do it for 5 minutes of frivolous internet fame. thats even worse. 🤮

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    Definitely pricey, but the Elektron workflow is well-done and productive. If I was looking for a hardware sampler it looks like a great time to buy a Digitakt MK1 🤣.

    Youtube gear reviews are pretty trash. I mostly just watch Loopop because his coverage is about as neutral as you'll get for day-one coverage, he's not too hype-y.

  • ^^

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    I think I'm going to keep my DT1 because 8 audio and 8 MIDI tracks are a useful split, stereo samples aren't too important in monophonic bass/drum/percussion tracks and MIDI tracks are still only 4-voice polyphonic on the DT2 and using Drambo as a multi-timbral sound generator for these MIDI tracks is a better addon for composition.

    Seems like only a future Digitakt III will have more Octatrack-like features as requested by many users.

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    no velocity & no separate stereo out B are a no starter for me 🤷🏻‍♂️

    they want 1000€ not 500€ 🤷🏻‍♂️

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