Using Drambo to sequence VCV Rack on Ubuntu

Wondering how to configure my linux/vcv/drambo to be able to use drambo as sequencer of modular patches in vcv.

Just wiring pc and ipad, is not recognicing the ipad as MIDI controller. So I assume some setup is needed in ubuntu.

has anyone done this? Is there any guide I could follow?

Thanks in advance!


  • I've never tried this setup before. But I did get two iOS devices to talk midi to each other a while. Maybe try looking into midimittr, you might be able to use that to use your iPad as a midi "controller" to connect to Ubuntu. Not sure it'll work, its been a while since I used midimittr.

    Worst case you could use a couple cheap midi hubs and connect them 😂.

  • I will say, my solution to this space has to use miRack on iOS as a plugin inside Drambo.

  • One way to possibly get midi communication happening would be to use Network midi

    that way you can use an iPad as a midi controller or even send midi out from dRambo to Ubuntu.

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    IDAM on Linux would be perfect but AFAIK nobody has done that yet.

    Other options are:

    • iPad => Camera Connection Kit => USB MIDI interface 1 => USB MIDI interface 2 => Linux machine
    • iPad with Bluetooth MIDI enabled => CME WIDI Uhost or CME WIDI Bud Pro (Make sure the iPad is set to advertise itself as a Bluetooth MIDI peripheral!)

    BT MIDI is quite low latency and works well enough for me. And you can charge your iPad whenever you want.

    The CME USB devices are class compliant so you shouldn't have driver issues on Linux.

    BTW, the older CME WIDI Bud is beautifully compact but it won't connect to an advertising iPad, only to my Yamaha MD-BT02 dongles.

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