Drambo Advanced MIDI Controls Question


Looking for some help in regards to a Drambo MIDI routing question.

Right now a connected pad controller will play whatever instrument I have loaded in the currently selected track across the pads as a chromatic keyboard.

However, I would like a way to do the following very badly:

  1. If I have say 16 pads and 16 tracks, I'd like each pad to play the current note of the instrument from whichever track. This would mimic sort of how a Maschine MK3 would work. So pad 1 would play the current note from the instrument on track 2, pad 2 would play track 2, ect.
  2. Then somehow I'd like to toggle to where the pads move to keyboard mode to one of my tracks. (Again on a Maschine MK3 it would be like touching a pad and clicking the "keyboard" button - doesn't have to be done from the controller in this case though)
  3. I'd also like to be able to be in "keyboard" mode for one of the track's instruments (so the controller would be playing say track 2's instrument), while editing the sequence of a different track (say track 4's sequence in this example).

I also have a more general question to. What's the benefit of using Drambo inside AUM (or even EG Nodes) vs standalone? Is my described workflow above easier to accomplish with individual instances of Drambo on different AUM channels or something like that?

I have a few other things I'd like to accomplish, but I'm hoping this will get me a good base started. Also if Drambo can't do anything like I'm describing, anyone know something that can?

Thanks in advance for any assistance!


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    What you want is exactly how the multitrack step sequencer works, without using an external controller.

    To achieve the same with a pad controller, you can use pads to select tracks and other pads to play notes on the selected track.

    Playing the "current note" of a track would require a little workaround: Add a momentary button and use its output as a Gate signal for your track/synth etc. so the pitch will come from MIDI2CV and can be changed by simply hitting a key on Drambo's keyboard, but the gate signal comes from the momentary button which will be mapped to your pad controller.

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    As for Drambo standalone, this will allow you to map more than just a MIDI controller - Bluetooth game controllers and ASCII keyboards (or just Bluetooth numpads) are supported for mapping as well.

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