iPG-800 synth controller is currently free!

edited May 11 in Tips and Tricks

If anyone is looking for a more synth-like front panel, the JX-3P mode does send MIDI CC which can be mapped inside Drambo.

(screenshots are showing the Kiwi mod with more controls)


  • This seems fun, amd you can’t argue with free! Thanks for the headsup. What are you using it for? As a controsurface?

  • I thought about building a synth in Drambo that matches the JX3P Kiwi Mod (not the least because the JX-3P was my first polysynth) but for now I plan to use it as a Roland Cloud D-50 controller. The Cloud D-50 Windows version on a tablet just doesn't work as well as the above on an iPad.

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