Each clip in a track have a unique value, without locks?

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Hi all,

I'm in a patch where I'm trying to do some kinda weird stuff with modulation sources. Long story short, I really need a modulation value that is different for each clip in a row. I know I could do this with clip-locks, but those then mean when I sequence with the row I'd have to be sure I don't override the lock, and I want this to be something I can ignore once its built.

Is there a way using modules to have each clip have a unique modulation value? In my case it'd be fine if the value wasn't the same each time I loaded the clip, just that it was ALWAYS different than the value of the last clip. But a static value for each clip in a row would be useful in other cases.


  • You mean clips in a column?

    I've been asking for a meta module that spits out a number of transport related signals quite a few times, this could include the number of the currently played pattern.

    Other than that, maybe you can just place one or more knobs (or Morph knobs!) at the beginning of the track and p-lock their values on the first step of the sequence.

  • Yea clips in a column :) A meta module that gave transport info and the row in the column would be a dream for some silly hacking I want to do.

    Yea p-locks definitely work... but my goal was to use this as part of a midi controller integration, and if I do locks it means I have to remember to fix the locks every time I say copy a clip from one row to another.

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    FWIW my goal in all this is to work around an aspect of Drambo: anything clip locked cannot be overwritten by a MIDI controller or onscreen editing. For performing my hope was to have certain values clip-locked to my sequences, but then be able to override those locks with my MIDI controller.

    With the way my brain works (using MFB gear before) the midi controller would take precedence, but then if you switched to another clip the clip lock would then take over again.

    I'm not going to try to explain my hack for how I was going to "fix" this because its too silly and convoluted. But maybe there are other options...

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    There is one level above clip locks: Scenes. A value that you have set in a scene will override clip locks.

    Whatever values you store in one of the 16 scenes will override clip locks when the respective scene is active.

    Maybe that helps.

  • I totally forgot about scenes :) They don't quite work for the exact thing I was trying to do, but I'm going to try something else anyways and maybe they'll fit.

    Thanks for that reminder @rs2000

  • Ooh I never thought about it that way, scenes as a “meta” clip-lock…

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