best way to do AUv3 preset change using clip p-locks?

Is it even possible?

Workarounds are ok if it gets the job done. I tried to save a plugin preset as a Drambo AUv3 module preset, and thought I could midi learn to load that, but I couldn't see a way to do it.

Ideally one would not need to save as a Drambo preset first, for every preset of interest, but ok if there are no other ways. AUM has a method of midi learning preset load, but I had a look and it seems you most often need to save the plugin preset as a preset inside the AUM host first (?).

Drambo is such a good AUv3 host, so I'm hoping this can be done somehow.

Btw, another preset issue is for instance the factory presets in Fugue Machine. AUM can load them, but you can't see them in Drambo. I think this is perhaps a rare case, it looks like most plugins have their own preset browser.


  • I was hoping someone from the beta team would say "it is in the works ..." :-)

    Do you see this as not a host responsibility, but rather a plugin duty to change preset using e.g. PC message? How to best use Axon 3 in a project where you want it to behave differently on different clips.

    The AUM approach is based on plugins exposing their presets to the host. I guess this is what Fugue Machine is doing, and how the AUM Midi select preset action was intended. Seems to not have received a widespread adoption, unfortunately.

  • Well I can tell you that this is one of the many requests from the past, so "it is in the list ..." 😉

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