How can I tame my Divide Math Module?

I decided to revisit Math after a year of trying them with no luck due to ignorance. This time I approached it by feeding the Divide inputs with simple oscillator waveforms. I also put an amp env after each osc. I was pleasantly surprised to hear the basis of a Neuro bass. But it is so hot. Even after putting another amp after the Divide, any small amount of volume and I still can see what appears to be clipping while monitoring them rack input/output signal.

i also tried reducing each amp envelope’s gain with the same result. I also tried filters before the amp envelopes. Thought?


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    I have no experience with the math module for what you describe, but picturing dividing two waveforms it's pretty easy to imagine some crazy results. Say the numerator waveform is at 0.8 while the denominator is at 0.1. `0.8 / 0.1` = 8. That's gonna clip for sure. Not sure what happens when the denominator is zero but generally divide by zero is an error.

    I suck at math and haven't given this post enough thought, but it seems like divide with LFOs or Oscillators isn't something that one would want to do. Multiplying makes a lot more sense and shouldn't clip.

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    I would suggest to limit the denominator to sane values using a bipolar Graphic Shaper and then limit the division result again with another one.

    This would also give you heaps of sound design potential, especially when choosing multiple dual-spline curves in the Graphic Shaper.

    The division result might need to be scaled down before the second shaper to avoid clipping.

  • I’ve tried multiplying (ring mod) but never dividing… now I’ll have to try

  • Indeed, I like the idea!

    This combo sounds quite nice:

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    First thing I tried was to find out what happens if you divide by zero (which is impossible mathematically but using infinite is the convention, so I guess here it becomes full value +/- 1.0)

    Then with two osc (I guess it sounds like neuro bass cause it completely destroys the waveforms)

    When the denom crosses zero it results in infinity. You have to see it in action, it’s all over the place

    But there’s much room here for experimentation. First of all I’ll try @rs2000 suggestions

  • Even better:

    @pedro I first misread your line as "when the demon crosses zero" ... ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • ๐Ÿ˜‚ sorry I get lazy typing

    but you don’t want your demons to cross zero, trust me

  • I’m actually not a fan of neuro, but I hate it enough to know what it is. But if I can figure out to make it on my phone, then it’ll be cool for sure ๐Ÿ˜ if you add the amp envelopes for each oscillator and do some tweaking to the amps, to me the sound is unmistakeably nuero.

    I’m looking forward to trying the suggestions @rs2000 and @pedro

  • I wasn’t even shaping the sound yet, merely looking at this conceptually.

    @rs2000 gives a great starting point, though.

    But when you start these kinds of experiments in Drambo you are in uncharted territory (well, the map is the terrain). Sometimes you strike gold.

    Have you tried wavetable oscillators yet? That’s even more fun (you better put a limiter on the master, though. These wild changes aren’t good for speakers, much less your ears That’s why Rs’s shapers are so helpful here

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