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Hello everyone! I just joined the group and have a question. I have a sampler loaded with sounds. I’ve assigned a knob to the key so I can select different sounds with the knob and then parameter lock the knob to the sequencer to change the sample. I’d like to add up and down buttons to control the knob so I can cycle through the samples on by one. (More accurately than a sensitive knob) Does anyone know how to do that? I want to be able to select samples but also played them pitched.


  • Thank for the thread. Seems too complicated for my brain to comprehend…lol but I appreciate the help.

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    This seems to work for me here. I used @uncleDave 's method. I'll try to explain how the modules are connected.

    • Up - Down A and B are connected to the UP and DOWN buttons respectively. Up and Down buttons are each set to .008 (1 / 128). Reset is set to 1.00.
    • Up or Down inputs are connected to the UP and DOWN buttons.
    • Integrator Gate is connected to Up or Down so that its output is triggered for either button.
    • Integrator Value is connected to Up - Down.
    • Integrator Reset is connected to the Reset button.
    • Sampler Note is is connected to Integrator rather than to Midi to CV output to select the sample.
    • Sampler Pitch is connected to Midi to CV Note as you have it now.

  • Thanks! This template works for incrementally changing sample with buttons, but I’m still unable to change samples per step because when I hold the step or use the stem selection, the up/down buttons freeze and the samples won’t change. I can’t play them pitched either. I should probably just use the keys to select samples, the way the sampler was intended to be used, and find a way to switch between samples per note and pitched. Maye an N1 OR 1N mixer on the note output? I’ll figure it out. I think I’m trying to add too many options to the sampler and should just keep it simple.

  • Try using the Pitch module instead.

    Connect the Pitch module to the pitch input

    of the Sampler and either P-Lock or Automate.

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