Flexi overdub since 1.23

Not sure if I do something wrong but overdub seems to be replaced by normal record from time to time.

Can't figure out why 😕

I either load a file or record a new one, add a few slices, hit record (pattern) and normally it would automatically record on the start of the pattern and automatically stop recording at the end of the sample.

But now sometimes it records like when the slot is empty.


  • I didn’t know you could overdub!. Where can I find info on this?. The manual?.

  • @Tahiche I didn't know overdubbing was possible either, it just works for me in the current version

  • Just tried it. This is pretty good!.

    noticed that when overdubbing the first recording determines the length, which makes sense. So if you want to “append” you’d have to make an extra-long pattern in advance.

  • Yep! The ability to set the length with a param would be great though

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