How to make good wavetables using Serum WT editor (practice for upcoming drambo WT release)


  • I suppose the upcoming Drambo WT release will not have support for preparing such tables?

    Do you know of any good free alternatives for doing this? The recent link to that url wavetable generator didn't have any such processing?

    Maybe someone should make a basic app for doing this kind of processing ...

  • Will something like this help?

    I don't know very much about WaveTables but I know I will use the heck out of it in Drambo :)

  • Waveedit won't work because it doesn't support 2048 samples sized frames.

    The web editor works though.

    With Drambo, you don't need any special tool, you can use any wave editor that supports precise cuts of 2048 samples size and appending multiple such files into one.

    I've started with Auditor but if I had to choose now, my current favorite editor on iOS would be Nanostudio 2.

    Make sure the WT frames loop properly without too obvious clicks (except if that's what you're after).

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    @rs2000 The precise cuts of 2048-sized frames is one thing. I was more thinking of the editing steps we see in the first video, of all frames as one batch edit; removal of dc offsets, fade in/out, remove first and last frames based on the waveform "drift" etc. Maybe Auditor can do it with a good workflow, I don't have that app.

    Was going to say that the other video of a free tool looked promising, but now I don't see it in the thread anymore ... Was that the mentioned "Waveedit"? But I read it as Synthedit or something along those lines.

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    I removed the link as it was not compatible according to the comments so i dont want to link the wrong software. Its called WaveEdit and its free.

  • That's right, Drambo uses Serum compatible wavetables that have 2048 samples frame size.

    Indeed it's a bummer that there's not much choice out there regarding free WT editors, but honestly, there are so many free and really good wavetable packs out there that there's enough material to explore until either Drambo gets its own tools for creating wavetables or some magic free software suddenly appears out of nowhere 😅

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    OK guys, there's a rather nerdy tool I didn't mention yet but now that I have found working download links, here it is.

    It's called AudioTerm and probably the best bet if you don't want to spend big money just for a wavetable editor.

    Windows only.

    The playlist also has download links, get them while they're still working, none of them lasted very long in the past...

  • @giku I think it could be a very good option to be able to set & change the frame-size for the wave-tables that are loaded.

    (The linked videos show that Serum has the option to set/change the frame-size for the imported sample).

    For example each cycle/frame of an AniMoog 'Timbre' is 1024 samples long and the *.wav with 16 'frames' is 16384 samples long + .wav header.

    Users who happen to own Animoog, all the samples can be copied using iFunBox from the AniMoog iTunes folder.


  • Yes

    Yes I'm aware of that. Moreover there should be additive style editor... its technically ready for this (it works with FFT)

    But then comes sliding p-locks and au hosting :) ..

  • Didn’t want to make a new thread for this Q.

    Can wavetables be stereo at the file level, or are they strictly mono?

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