Looper module please

Hi. I think it’s been mentioned previously as a possibility.

Please can Drambo get a dedicated audio looper module added?

Ive tried rigging up the sampler modules, which kind of works, but needs triggering on the timeline etc.



  • What do you mean by looper module that is not covered in Flexi?

  • For one, continuous overdub mode. Record/overdub/play on gate signal is crucial. Zone play back, control over modulated control over loop points. Ability to send clock out. Longer record times.

  • These for starters ^ also stuff like...

    overdub mode with decay of previous layer

    click record click play back without having to add a trigger to the time line

  • User on AB forum mentions that a module has been developed but not released yet. Would love to see it come to release, so it’s something that has already been considered at least.

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    longer record times can only happen if/when disk streaming is added for the AU version. currently it uses RAM and drambo would simply crash.

    45-60 second seems to be the safe max for ram and multiple instances at high quality audio.

    continuous overdub is planned and could also work with ram,

  • As luck would have it Gauss has been released 😄. Not a conventional looper but covers most my needs - now if and when Drambo becomes a host .... 🤔🙂

  • Sort of related question, I’ve been trying to slow down the sequencer in gauss, is there a way to feed an au (or any other module) a doctored / slower clock?

  • @Krupa

    AFAIK you can’t alter the clock fed into an AU module (not at the moment).

    You can generate free running clock, or alter existing clock to be sent to built in sequencers.

  • Ah cool, I’ll stop trying, think I’d exhausted all the options I could see anyway,

    thanks 🙏

  • Very good question.

    Indeed, an AUv3 plugin could be fed with the Drambo time signal which would look like AU host transport to the AUv3.

    I like this idea - how much effort to do this @giku?

  • recrec
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    So, AU relies on host tempo, but each track can ‘bend time’. Can in theory multiple AUs receive different clocks on different tracks?

  • Exactly, that's the idea. To be able to feed an AUv3 with your own time signal which can be bent or offset to your liking.

    Using the Drambo sequencer modules, it's already possible but there's no interface yet to connect the time signal to an AUv3.

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