Synth flow charts

It would be cool if there was a tutorial or tutorials on synth flow charts

especially considering we can build our own synths in dRambo.


  • As in taking a flow chart and building it in Drambo? Interesting idea...

  • Yeah, I'm quite new to modular so I've started looking

    at flow charts and I don't know what I'm looking at.

    I need a dummies guide to flow charts.

    Give me a mixing desk and I'm cool.

  • Got it. this is good reading all around. Page 6 of the actual book (page 10 of the PDF) contains a legend of sorts for the different symbols used in this book.

    the Sound For Sound drum tutorials were crucial earlier on for me getting comfortable with basic modular terms + approaching sound design modularly.

    some other resources as well.

  • I've got the basics of what modules do now thanks to dRambo

    but it's how they flow into each other that I'm needing to visualise properly

    so these links will help.

    Your tutorial on the feedback send and receive modules also helped a lot in

    that regards because you explained why they did what they did without

    assuming that the viewer had a background in modular synthesis.

    I'll have a browse through the reading list and see what tickles my fancy as it were.

    I'll definitely go through the Sound on Sound articles as that's

    how I learnt how to do sound engineering in the first place.

  • @bcrichards

    Here’s an FM synth I started working on which is why I was

    asking about the Layers module and the signal routing.

    I haven’t added any LFO’s to it yet

    What I would like to be able to do is contain the routing in a Layer module or modules.

    Saying that I this I’ll try that with the new Layers module with the individual outputs.

    I find the Layers modules much neater than the Sections modules.

  • I know Giku mentioned improving the sections module with tabs that you can switch between (instead of having to open and close sections all the time). It would be a huge help with things like FM, where 4 operators take up the whole width of the screen.

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    I think the boss will make a FM v2 module at some point.

    which i look forward to, i love the FM module and agree with @quartzite

  • Wavetables are the new FM source. They can be modulated just like FM, complex operators can fit into a single wavetable and only the more extreme FM configurations (the non-periodic, noisy ones) would still require one or two FM "operators".

    If I had a Digitone, I think my first task would be to make a few best-of wavetables 😁

  • Yeah, being able to have tabs would be of great assistance.

    Stubborningly I've got a couple of ideas stirring in the back

    of my mind in regards to the Layers and routings.

    It's the best way for me to learn it's limitations. 😁

    FM v2 yeah, looking forward to that.

    I would love to be able to modulate the attack and the ratio as well.

    I'm really getting into the wavetable oscillators, the things you can

    do with the modulations and the effects are incredible.

    I was inspired to start exploring the FM op's again because someone mentioned the Digitone on FB.

    I don't know a thing about the Digitone but it mentioned that it had four FM op's

    so I started of with creating four layers of 4 FM op's and then thought to myself

    hhhmmmm maybe start simply. 🧐

    Basically I'm trying to recreate my version of the ,'dRambo versus Digitone', 😂😂😂😂

  • I love the sound of the digitone, if i could justify it i buy one.

  • I've yet to hear the Digitone.

    I'm sastisfied with dRambo for now.

    I do know that I will start looking for new hardware but until then

    I've got a couple of hardware projects to complete first.

    The one that is going to be the challenge is the mchstreamer.

    24 x 24 channels of audio dependant upon firmware download and preamps

    and there's also the Daisy Feed by Electrosmith which has me intrigued.

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    I need to mess with this more! It was pretty great on my prophet 12!

    Digitone sounds good but honestly I haven't heard anything it does that Drambo can't (though I haven't looked that hard). The workflow seems nice overall though.

    I'm still holding onto my Yamaha WT-11 for the oldschool gritty fm sounds. And a TQ-5 because its one of the best/worst looking synths out there:

  • @quartzite Cool gear!

    Elektron have done a great job making FM in the Digitone a very accessible and fun experience, plus they've put a lot of effort into making good presets. Its architecture is nothing exceptional.

  • @quartzite

    I like the look of that Yamaha, I've got a Yamaha SW1000 tucked away someplace.

    Though not an external machine but it does have some cool sounds.

    I was going to get the boards for it but I didn't in the end.

    I keep a machine around for it and a few other things besides.


    I just listened to a demo of the Digitone.

    Are the drum sounds made from FM synthesis as well?

  • Okay, a little bit slow on the up take.

    I've made kick drum.

    Snrs next.

  • @Gravitas Yes they areth 😎

    The more you dive into FM synthesis, the more you'll understand what a wide field that is.

    I would highly recommend the NFM app for learning, experimenting and FM sound design. Sure, all can be technically done in D as well but NFM's UI is so much faster for FM sound design which needs a lot of patience anyway. Once done, you can still transfer the preset parameters to your own D creation. A rocket scientist could write a patch converter NFM => Drambo. 😇🙏🏼

  • @rs2000

    NFM is a very good recommendation, I'll save that for January.

    I've got plenty to keep me busy until then.

    What I need to focus on is synth architecture.

    Namely so that I can better understand what I'm designing. 😇🙏🏽

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    Here's my first FM synthesised kick drm.



    As in

    How can I improve upon it?

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    Here's a combined screenshot of my first dedicated FM synth that I started the other evening.

    I've got a ,'Graphics', module and an ,'Lfo', module added together in 4 separate layers.

    Each layer is dedicated to the FM op's in the adjoining Layers module which also has 4 layers.


    I'm going to find away to get a better resolution screenshot up as this one is to blurry.

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    As in 

    How can I improve upon it?

    Kick drums are as varied as anything can be. The more flexible it is, the better.

    I would pick a few kicks from famous songs and try to nail them down, ideally with just a few knobs.

    I'm not really a kick drum fan but a while ago, I've suggested to add this one as an alternative to Drambo's factory kick:

    No FM though, and indeed FM looks like a good way to build kicks.

  • @rs2000

    That's a good sounding kick drum.

    I like the design of it.

    The ui is really simple and then you can expand it and see the connections.

    I can see myself and many others using it in our creations.

    The FM series of synths I'm doing are focused on learning the timbres of FM synthesis itself.

    Hence the purist approach with minimum or no effects at all.

    I think combined with other oscillators I'm going to be able

    to get some quite convincing sounds happening.

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    FM itself is very powerful already and once again, let me recommend NFM if you've already decided to spend some time getting familiar with FM.

    Dialing in oscillator feedback, modulation between operators, mix levels of each operator and quickly adjusting the envelope and pitch of each is so much faster in NFM than in any custom Drambo FM patch. You can re-create it later in Drambo of course but for me, NFM is perfect for FM sound design.

    It's a lot like Native Instruments FM7 and FM8. So if you have these already...

  • I did have the N.I FM7 and FM8 but back then I only needed presets.

    I didn't give a thought to actual synth design, comes from being a working freelance producer.

    When one has got a whole team breathing down your neck you need results and fast.

    I'm going to get the NFD for sure but I'm enjoying playing around with the FM op's in dRambo.

    Also drum computer landed two days ago.

    Some interesting things in there.

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