Polydrone - a playable ambient instrument

edited November 20 in Presets and projects

The get of the project is a saturated sine wave pitched down, for character. There are 15 pitch shifters in parallel, set to a scale selectable by slider. I've been enjoying playing it a lot. Using the faders instead of keys leads to me to create melodies I wouldn't have otherwise. The faders also let you act as your own envelope giving a more organic expression than envelope generators + keyboard.

Anyway, I had fun patching it - I hope some of you have fun playing it.

(ringing in the demo from Gauss, not the rack)

General Features: 

-2 octaves of playable faders

-Tuning of 7 scale modes + harmonic minor available with quick scale selector

-'Character' from pitch shifting down (2) saturated sine oscillators.

-Tone control from pre saturation + wave shaping.

This can easily become a processor, so I'm going to put another processor rack up following the same concept (so you could plug in 2 vcos from your favorite hardware and play them with the polydrone)


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