Circuit style dual LP/HP filters on selected tracks

I’m trying to make a Circuit style dual filter that only affects my two first tracks (drums and bass). I’ve managed to do it by creating a processor rack with required modules and connecting outputs of the above tracks on main track to its input and then routed that to master. That’s worked fine but I realised that my sends to A and B aux effects aren’t affecting those two tracks anymore.

Any ideas? Maybe there’s a better way of doing all this, sorry I’m still finding routing on the main rack rather counter intuitive. Cheers



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    What is a Circuit style dual filter?

    From what I can see you could place your processor rack and input mixer on the last track, route the drum and bass shapers to that track's mixer and only place a control knob on the Main mixer. Saves space and IMHO wouldn't bypass the A and B sends.

    Also remember that A and B sends are "post fader".

  • Thanks @rs2000

    Novation Circuit has a master filter knob. It is a -64 +64 bipolar thing where 0 to 64 is HPF and 0 to -64 LPF. I like it’s duplicity because of finite number of controls on any controller but also as a rhythm section fader while mixing live. Circuit has it on the whole mix though but I sometimes like noodling on a synth or something when rhythm section is on a filter break ;)

  • Haha, yeah, I didn’t want to say it!

    Still, as far as live performance is concerned nothing beats quick and easy! Namely: Turnado, Korg Kaoss etc.

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    Looking at the patch

    i usually have the shaper in front of the filter

    to make it sound more „analog“

    shaper after filter is more brutal

    why are you trying to use this as aux return?

    use it on the ch or master ch or both

  • @supadom

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    I've just put a dual filter processor together

    and uploaded it onto patchstorage.

    Thank you.

  • Cool man! Saw it. Sounds great I did make one only using 2 filter modules and a knob. I see yours being much more complex. What are the benefits?

    BTW I’m gonna have to start watching some tutorials as I haven’t got a clue about some of the wrapping I’m seeing in some patches! ;)

  • @supadom I think the benefit is that we can see @Gravitas' one on patchstorage 😁

    BTW, this is my current version used in Koshiba's sister:

  • Glad you like it.

    The benefits? I have no idea, I wanted to see if I could

    make one for myself and that's how it turned out.

    I'm going to see if I can make a simpler one now that I know the principle.

    I actually don't like video tutorials. I've watched one so far and

    that one was from Ben on the feedback send and receive modules.

    @rs2000 has been giving me some great pointers, the rest has been experimenting.

  • Neither do I like them hence my current state of Drambo I'm a short attention span kind of guy when it comes to music. I like working fast being when writing song as well as building physical stuff. That’s why I like Drambo and that’s why when stuff gets overly complex I need to leave the house and go for a bike ride or something. Screen starter tiring my brain and especially now in lockdown I value social music creation 10 times over.

    I’m also getting Frustrated with the perpetual bags and stuff not working between apps which is always in the background. Also there is always something to wait for to make things perfect. Loopy Pro, looper in Drambo etc etc. I’ve been waiting for things to happen on iOS for the last 10 years and despite many horizon climbs it never quite lands where it should. Ah well.

  • @supadom

    I hear you loud and clear.

    My reason for not liking tutorials is because I'm always like ,

    'get to the point, stop phaffing.' ;) which I suppose is the same thing as yourself.

    I also like writing fast.

    When inspiration hits and it hits often I haven't got the time

    to go ,'why isn't this working???', and I don't want to go back to school.

    I left school for reason.

    My normal way of getting out is to find a dance floor and boogie which

    I can't do right now and it's so annoying and I'm really missing playing

    with my peers and my band because of the aforementioned lockdown.

    At the moment building things in dRambo is keeping

    my mind occupied which is a good thing I find.

    I've been really productive in that regards.

    Yup, it can be frustrating getting things to work together.

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    If I can’t thing of anything

    i make a basic beat bd, snare, huh, claps whatever


    I type in note c or some chord on first step swipe to the right to extend it over the whole pattern choose the arpeggiator and the midi humanizer and some au and see where it takes me. Try this with sunrizer

    gets u something usable in 5 minutes 😏

    now let’s play with random and transpose step conditions 🤩

    i can be very quick in drambo 😁

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    I play drums, percussion, bass guitar, double bass,

    electric and acoustic guitar and keyboards all at jazz level.

    I worked professionally on Pro-tools, Cubase, Logic and Reaper

    before I quit using desktops and started using iPads.

    I'm knowledgable on so many instruments.

    I wrote my first symphony in a month.

    A track per day without auto generating anything.

    I'm fast.

    'dRambo', for me is about learning synth design

    whilst under Lockdown and I'm gathering speed.

    That's why I hear where Supadom is coming from.

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    I don’t know sometimes it’s interesting to do things likel chord arp chord arp

    for the reason I would have never played that like that

    kind of like set up a set of rules and then say surprise me ...

  • Well, on that note, the arp modules are your best friends then.

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    it gets interesting when u play around with step conditions, probability, and transpose :)

    lets modulate some arp parameters on top and it sings opera until the cows come home

    btw. if you modulate unisono detune u can switch from bass sound to strings like things

    some things that I find musical usual are very simple to do in Drambo :)

  • Yup.

    I discovered those the first week that dRambo came out.

    I automatically transpose though.

    Do you know twelve tone theory???

    Have a look it's really cool.

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    I only used it for percussions as variations creator until 2 weeks ago or so

    the idea to us it as tonal compositional tool hasn't come to me before lol

    what do you mean?serial music? Schönberg and Bartok and stuff of the classics I find has interesting thoughts behind it but hm I cant connect with the output (but that's just my taste)

    but If u take modern things like basic channel thats very much my taste,

    its kind of a similar go at music?

    i find this super funky

    listen on good headphones or good monitors

  • Yes in regards to serialism.

    No, not in regards to composers otherwise the discussion could go round in circles.

    Twelve tone theory in a nutshell.

    All twelve notes can be used in a composition dependant upon taste

    which basically means you can be as harmonious or as dissonant as you chose dependant

    upon the themes of the music, context and structure or lack of structure there of.

    So be as tonal or atonal as you so wish which you are

    discovering for yourself when using generative tools.

    It's great to use when improvising.

    My description isn't strict twelve tone theory but it gets the job done.

  • I met Aphex Twins father.

    Turns out his dad is a black cab driver.

    Most probably retired by now.

    He drove me to rehearsal one time.

    Lovely guy.

    I also know Warp Records well.

    I did a remix for one of their artists which was released by Bob Humid.

    One of my rare remixes.

  • Nice selection of tracks.

    You should do a playlist and post it up on the forum.

  • You missed this classic Aphex Twin though.

  • Anyway my apologies to Supadom for partaking in totally derailing this thread.

    This thread should be about DJ-style filters not twelve tone theory and music videos

    but a separate thread about inspirational music videos and artists could be a good idea.

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    sometimes integrating frames doesn't work

    i don't know why

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