Multiples of the same USB midi hardware don't appear as midi target

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I noticed this when sending midi from Drambo to multiple hardware synths.

I have 2 Behringer Crave synthesizers, both connected to the iPad via USB -> Camera connection kit. In AUM, the Craves show up as "Crave" and "Crave(2)".

In Drambo standalone, only one 'Crave' was listed as a target in the MIDI OUTPUT module. I know this wasn't a problem with the hardware, because Aum was recognizing both at the same time as my Drambo session.

So.. it looks like having 2x of the same hardware connected at the same time won't show up correctly in Drambo. Does anyone have 2 identical hardware devices that can receive USB midi to check?

edit: this should be under 'known issues' , my bad.


  • If you have Cubasis 3 can you try connecting both and see if it crashes when both are connected?

    Apparently it's a quite tricky thing to fix...

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    I only have Cubasis 2, which isn't currently installed at the moment. The only other host I use is AUM, and it recognizes the multiple devices alright. What I had to do to play both Craves from Drambo was to send midi to 1 synth as normal, then route midi to Aum, and then from Aum to Synth 2.

    Anyway, I'd be happy to help Giku test this issue, as I'm also considering picking up a 2nd Neutron which I'd be sequencing from Drambo as well (via USB midi)

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