A work in progress. Scratch with an XY pad.

Still toying with best way to implement this, but the guts are here. JUST BECAUSE WE CAN, for science. Touching the XY pad is like touching your record on the turntable to stop it. You can then make a circular motion forward or backward to scratch through the sample. Disengaging the XY pad picks up the loop in sync.

you could take this and double it and do real beat juggling, fading back and forth between which flexi/turntable pair is heard with the scene crossfader.


  • These DJ controllers are quite fun. @giku and me have one.

    Crossfader, knobs, pads with many banks, transport control and 2 touch sensitive jog wheels that act as very fine incremental MIDI controllers, all supported by Drambo's MIDI learn :)

    Great for scratching in Flexi. And Scenes control. And drum pads (they're nothing like MPC rubber pads but they work).

  • Ah - this could probably translated to a controller like this - it would just need to set a cue point to scratch back or forward from the controllers position as you’re actively scratching, then catch back up when you want it to.

  • I did something similar a few months ago. 🙌

    I also built a version where I could set a cue point and sequencing scratch action, but it was hard to get natural results so I gave up.

  • Ah ha! You beat me to it. Looking forward to unpacking this one to see how it works.

  • Would switching between X/Y and time signal modulation of Flexi's Offset be an option?

    X/Y will be manual scratching and time signal will play back "normally" and in time using scratch mode. Might require a short mute during switching.

  • Yes, in that patch I built, if set to sync mode, it will switch (fade) to the time signal after the scratch. If set to free mode, it will continue playing from where the scratch ends. This part works fine.

    But I actually modulated not the time, but the speed of playback, I converted the XY pad data to turntable speed, so that the scratching effect is more realistic and easy to control

  • @ZhouJing thus is a great layout! It looks like we arrived at similar solutions for the actual XY scratching. Yours feels a bit smoother.

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