New Mixer Update

Its could be very cool to Update or rework the Mixer section.

Now its very basic with volume, 2 aux sends, pan like in every iOS daw.

But imagine it would be have more aux sends channels 3-4, one filter knob, eq and maybe a Volume fader with a vu meter.

This would be a nice options to mix and jam over the mixer Console like a oldschool Live Act ;)

what do you think?



  • This sounds like a specific, not too common use case.

    Remember, the Main/Mixer track is a modular beast as well.

    You can add Aux Sends and Returns wherever you need them, as long as you respect the forward routing philosophy of Drambo.

    Simple example of adding two more Aux Sends to track 1:

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    I'm not clear as to where/how to add additional sends and returns. Nothing shows up on the search in library and there's no add sends in the mixer channel sub menu.

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    Ooooooh, just use Amps as sends and channels as returns?!?

    Then I just had to set the Audio to 1 to the master channel. Very clever, truly a modular mixer.

  • One way to stream-line the main/mixer view would be to replace the 'track module' with 'track rack module' on the main/mixer track.

    This would make it a bit cleaner (ie. just expand/collapse the track rack module) when adding additional modules to process a tracks output or even add sub-tracks when needed which are summed in the 'track rack module'.

    This would allow creation of for example 'Drum Racks' which would at the top main level be just 'one track rack' but once expanded be as many tracks as needed.

    I think this can already be built from scratch starting with an empty template.

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    +1 for more sends, that show up as controls in the mixer to be mappable there and also appear in the sidebar in every channel like the regular send 1 and 2

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    I do agree with this, was cool to figure a relatively clean workaround for the time being...

    But yes to more sends and returns!

  • I think it is better everything to have all in one channelstrip. just what samu said it is just cleaner.

    I made a little sketch what i mean. The EQ is not so necessary, but nice to have.

  • Or instead of a Master knob a classic fader ;)

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    the common use case for this is to have 4 or more sends in the mixer and to play with them dub style

    and not to have some static reverb setting dripping over everything, you get what I mean ;)

    or if you had a big rock/pop studio you had your mix setup with a small reverb a long reverb a short and a long delay ...

    makes sense, doesn't it? ;)

    2 aux sends are not enough.

    +1 for more real aux sends and returns in the mixer (and the rest of the ui where it matters)

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    There are some analog Mixing Consoles wich are has more than 2 aux sends, like mackie, or allen & heath mixwizard has 6 😄

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    makes life much easier

    always setup the aux the same way and never have to think about anything

    just open send 6 and you know it will give you chorus for example ...

    no messing around, just open the send and its there.


    (and we stopped doing "insert processing on channel stuff" that takes you all the overview about what is going on away ... most of the time you can't tell what is going on with the fx processing (without looking into each channel) as it happens inside the channels because you only have 2 sends 🤨)

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    the problem with this

    you only did it for one channel

    add send C & D to the other 8 channels

    and its modular mess and not a mixer anymore (all we tried to do was adding 2 more sends)

    and the "self made" sends dont show up here ...

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    now we really can't see anything anymore

    on a tec level it works, but this is nothing I want to use 😯

    mixer really needs some re-thinking

    most often heard request is more aux sends and returns (that work well with the rest)

    if I can lfo the mixer to hell or envelope follow ish here is how to say nice to have but very exotic?

    more aux sends and returns are very practical :)

    this needs other UI solutions 🤔

  • As an example, Drambo's mixer only really became useful to me when I added an Akai MidiMix to control it. Drambo's mixer is space efficient out of necessity, but is too functionally cramped in daily use. More auxes will definitely be great and I would add to that the ability to switch between pre and post fader is helpful.

  • Another way of adding more sends


    and when compacted using the Section module which makes it look neater.


  • In Ableton is it also possible to add aux sends so many if you want. I don’t understand why is it not possible with Drambo.

    I don’t want in the Mixer section a modular built way. I want for every new project a simple new mixer with more aux sends and returns.

    here a screenshot from Ableton and my thoughts:

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    @reloop i think your proposal would be unusable on iphone, knobs would be too small too close to each other.. even on ipad m8ni it woukd be endless frustration to tweak them with finger .. plus there are also connection icons on track strip bellow mute solo so even less space there...

  • Here a example without eq and Filter

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    Nah in caustic there are more knobs in the mixer and its totally good to use on iphone @dendy

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    You need compare things in same scale .. Caustic mixer hass much more vertical space than the one in Drambo:

    here Caustic in portrait view vs. Drambo in portrait view .. in Lanscape view the difference is even bigger cause Caustic in that case uses full screen height, so knobs are pretty big. And this is screenshot from iPad AIR !! On iPhone, add more knobs and make them smaller in Drambo would render them absolutely unusable or at least extremely frustrating to tweak.

    Don't get me wrong. I am not completely agains refactoring of mixer stripe, having more Auxes would be really nice . But i think it needs to be consistent with rests of Drambo + it needs be screen size independent...

    Here i went a bit creative, i can imagine how something like this may work and wouldn't break some deeper routing logic which is currently implemented ...

    NOTE: Ifnore duplicate "S" and "MIDI" conntector on third example, i forgot to delete them ..

    From left to right 1,2,3 :

    1/ minimalized mixer track (personally i would GREATLY appreciate this one). Switchable in track settings, checkbox "show mixer minimalised"

    (in this view there is no "SOLO" and MIDI connect buttons - but personally i am OK with that. such condensed view on mixer would HIGHLY handy for larger projects)

    2/ normal view, by clicking on "+" byttin you add more AUXe, by default you start with 2 auxes, like now, o no need to change anything internal

    3/ expanded view - if you add more than 2 auxes, it expands to the right side, always with "+" icon bellow last added AUX

    3a/ Alternatoive is to not add "+" icon and manage this just from track setings dropdown. This will make possible to have track width still same like with just 2 auxes when there will be 3 auxes, because there will be not need to expand it to add + icon

    @giku what do you think ? complete nonsense or you may think about

  • @dendy I'm considering a dedicated mixer view.. e.g. A mixer rack, containing track modules. When compacted it shows a proper mixer view, without inputs.

  • Yes it would be really nice!

    Maybe you can add with the + through a little pop up menu a function wich you like.

    You need an another aux send? Press „aux“ and you get one more.

    You need an EQ? You get it.

    You need a Filter? You get it.

    this would be faster and cleaner without extra boxes and clearer overview in one strip.

    But the fact is: we Need more aux sends/returns 😄🙏🏻

  • I agree that the mixer channel gets wider as more auxes are added. I'd also suggest a little press option on each aux to set to pre or post fader...

  • It would be good if you set a channel so that all channels are automatically the same. so you don't have to configure every single channel although you might want to have the same functions or number of aux sends for all of them. or should each channel be individually configurable? what do you all mean ?

  • @reloop copy and paste the Tracks or

    save as a preset and load up the

    configurations when you need them.

  • Since we're talking Mixer enhancements @giku , you know what else would be amazing?

    Midi + Audio routing Matrix screen. I love the Midi routing view in AUM, and something like this covering MIDI + AUDIO in Drambo would be amazing, and offer a "Super Power" overview over our set ups so we don't have to go to each track to manage Midi + Audio in our setups.

  • +1 audio is cool for me however a midi matrix would definitely be more than useful.

  • Why build 1 when you can have 2? :)

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