Expert sleepers es8/es9

Has anyone gotten these modules to work with Drambo? Or any info on how to get this going?


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    Multibus au version of Drambo works fine in aum. For pitch cv you need to multiply the cv by 0.8 and set output gain to zero. In order to use two cv sources per drambo track you can use LR to stereo mixer module. (let's say to have pitch cv on the left channel and gate or envelope on the right. )

    When milti I/O and auv3 hosting will come out I guess there won't be a need for aum at all.

    If you have any other specific questions - be my guest, ask away!

  • I just got my es-9 yesterday. What an incredible interface! I was trying to find more info on the config tool and stumbled on this thread with a beta that offers more control with the added bonus of midi for controlling levels in standalone mode. (latest firmware in os's post at the bottom of the page)

    thanks for the tips on cv multiplying. very helpful as I'm new to eurorack.

    I've just spent a few hours messing around with cv tools in ableton, but tbh I'm much more excited about using the es-9 with drambo. Really looking forward to the coming addition of output routing.

    Off to do some experiments w drambo and mirack.

  • hey @Fedor

    ok, I'm finally attempting to set up v/oct cv. how exactly do you go about multiplying the cv signal?

    (like I said.. I'm new to this so apologies for not getting something that's probably very simple)

  • ah nevermind, figured it out. an amp with +1db did the trick.

  • This is truly wild fun

  • You can use the Math Scale module to multiply the CV by an exact value.

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    Hey @palms, I use multiply and number math modules for scaling.

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    So I'm going to be picking up an ES-9 soon. Getting it purely for Drambo, although will use it with miRack and CoVariant too. Problem is, the ES-5 and the breakout modules require Silent Way, or some Max stuff to work. From the Website:

    Unlike the ES-3 itself, the ES-5 requires particular software in order to generate meaningful output signals. Currently, the only such software is the 'ES-5 Controller' plug-in, part of Expert Sleepers Silent Way, and our Max/MSP external (see below).

    Question for ES-9 / 8 owners: will Drambo be able to use the ES-5 outputs? If not, by hosting miRack in Drambo, and using miRack's Silent Way modules, could the ES-5 then be used?

    If all else fails, are there any future plans from @giku re. Silent Way / Expert Sleepers integration?

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    In case it won't work I may implement an option for this. Any idea where can I find some specs for this special processing?

  • Afaik, it’s a commercial plugin they sell. Not sure if there is public spec.

    also, my understanding is that without the plugin it will not work, hope I’m wrong though.

  • I've just emailed Andrew Os from Expert Sleepers asking about this. Hopefully he'll respond with something.

    In the meantime, the best I could find was the source code for VCV's ES-5 encoder.

  • @giku

    Okay Andrew got back to me. He sent me the same github link I posted above. Hope it helps.

    (Got the ES-9 today. When the ES-5 arrives I’ll report back about compatibility.)

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    Seems to be a number of sinewaves changing their amplitude (and phase?) to represent the different parameter values.

    I'm too lazy to read and understand the source code now 😋

    Since miRack can be loaded in Drambo and the current version does have these ES modules (!), I'd suggest to simply use that.

  • @aleyas how's the ES-5 working in Drambo with mirack?

    Ordered one since I was always running out of outs on the ES-9 :)

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    I haven’t gotten the ES-5 yet. Waiting to see how far I take the ES-9 first (which isn’t too far cause I’ve been pretty busy recently). Let us know how it goes when yours arrives! Curious if mirack ES-5 module hosted in Drambo will do the trick.

    What I really need to do is order the midi expander..

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