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Auv3 is coming.

An excerpt from beta testing Auv3's.


  • Is it possible to modulate AUv3 parameters via the Drambo sequencer? I dream of parameter-locking all the things... :)

  • You will be able to midi map the auv3 parameters

    and p-lock them that way using dRambo's midi.

    I haven't done direct p-locking of the auv3's so I'll wait

    for someone more versed in that to respond.

  • Yes, what you do first is map any AUv3 parameter to be accessible in the AUv3 module, then p-lock the mapped knob. Or include it in scene morphs. Or modulate it using a CV or Gate Sequencer.

    Here, filter cutoff is p-locked to a different value on step 3 while the filter resonance is controlled by the CV Sequencer.

  • Thank you! This is great news. I am most interested in parameter-locking from the sequencer, so its good to know that it is possible to do so, even if it is limited to 8 parameter. That's not a bad limitation to me, but I am sure people will complain. lol.

    I am very excited for this update! :)

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    How's the resolution for the 8 assignable AU parameters, when modulating them by the knob's CV input? It's not steppy like midi is it?

  • I think I got you. It's still smooth, but doesn't do extreme rates of modulation like native modules can.. right?

  • Anytime you're modulating with MIDI you are stuck with 127 values for resolution. With AU I am fairly sure it can go much higher, even audio rate, in some cases. Will be interesting to see how Drambo handles the issue. That's why I was asking about modulating from the sequencer. Plus, I don't want to have to fool with MIDI mapping. :D

    midiSteps on iOS allowed/allows for AU hosting and parameter locking in standalone and has for a while now. And the resolution of the parameters was/is not limited to MIDI resolution.

    Fingers crossed!

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