Nested Drambo Hanging MIDI Note on Stop

I have Drambo hosting a Drambo. Love it, love it.

The nested Drambo just generates MIDI on two separate tracks, each on a separate channel, 2 and 3.

Pressing Play and then Play again to stop always results in a stuck note on channel 3. A MIDI monitor in both host and au shows both sending a note on but no note off for channel 3.

Also, trying the midi panic as described in the manual, double-tapping the play button, does nothing except start and stop playback.


  • I noticed the note hang issue in other AUV3s. The only way I can resume normal function is to save my project, swipe Drambo closed and reopen.

  • recrec
    edited December 2020

    Depending on the instrument that is receiving midi, you can try sending in something like this...

    (not all instruments implement/recognise these cc numbers)

    You can also try cc

    120 all sounds off

    121 all controllers off

    123 all notes off

    at least until there’s better solution.

  • oops

    looks like we lost panic on the way

  • fixed

    press undo & play

  • Seems like a bug... to be ironed out soon thanks

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