Obscurium Mysterium

Got into a mood tonight and didn’t really want to get out of it:


  • Obscurium is an incredible synth. One of my very few synth purchases this year.

    What a beautiful piece you've made here!

    Love the rhythm too 😉

  • @rs2000 many thanks for giving it a listen. It was one of those tracks which just emerged and rose up from the iPad courtesy of Drambo.

  • Exactly this happened to me several times. I'm stepping into the alchemist lab, having fun and suddenly there's a motivation to do what has to be done, like an invisible guide out of nowhere. One demo song actually started like that out of nothing but a wavetable oscillator 😉

  • Yep. Drambo is the alchemist stone for me as well. Transmutation at its best 🤓

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