individual Track ui scaling + floating AUv3 guis

I'm finding that hosting AUv3 in Drambo on 12.9 ipads is not so good when not in full screen gui mode, the AU windows are usually a bit small and eave a big gap. To make wokflow better floating scaleable AU windows option would be great and also ability to scale each individual track gui, perhaps with a pinch in/out gesture on the track sidebar. This could then give the ability to scale each AU to better fit the ipad proportions horzontally across the whole display and make it more usable. :)


  • I think taking inspiration from Sunvox could be good for Drambo here, with scaleable gui elements and dividers in standalone. The mechanics already seem to to work for this in the AU version so you just need to be able to set how tall each track can be by pulling the dividers around.

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