Mapping AU Parameters in Nano Studio 2

Does anybody know how to map parameters from Drambo when hosted within Nanostudio to the eight knobs Nanostudio?

Unlike every other Audio Unit it seems Drambo does have any available to map.


  • There are no parameters exposed to any host from Drambo (not only NS2).

    The feature had been discussed and likely to come later in some way.

  • NS2 needs to 'grow up' and add proper support for AUParameters just like most other AUv3 hosts,

    Don't know where NS2 will go, will it get audio-tracks during 2021 or will he have to wait until 2022+?

    I would be 'ok' with browsing a list of plug-in parameters, select one and draw automation for it without having to first assign it to a macro knob.

    Not being able to tweak & record automation from the Plug-In UI is really, really annoying.

    I get it, it could be 'iOS limitations' that cause these annoyances but that does not make them 'go away'.

    For example it's not possible in Drambo to 'P-Lock' AUv3 parameters directly from the Plug-In UI which would be super sweet.

    It's got something to do with limitations in bi-directional communication between host<->plug-in.

    The current 'host situation' on iOS/iPadOS has made me get back to desktop and use my iPad Air 2 mostly as a 'sound module'.

    2021 is still young and I hope most of the DAWs on iOS/iPadOS will get some major feature & stability updates, but I have my doubts...


  • Sorry I searched and couldn’t find related threads.

    I am happy to drop NanoStudio for 100% Drambo workflow once the piano roll gets here!

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    Not only that, sending MIDI CC does not seem to work either in NS2. MIDI control looks good but feels awkward to use, I've given up using it because it's also buggy (sometimes works, sometimes doesn't and sometimes won't update its list of MIDI i/o ports etc.)

    If it worked reliably, this would be my go-to way to automate stuff in Drambo from NS2.

    For now, automating inside Drambo is the better option. Drambo runs in sync with NS2 and nothing stops you from entering notes in NS2 while automating inside Drambo. Welcome to iOS audio 😅

  • Update: Seems like it's a Drambo issue indeed. Quite a number of AUv3 synths do work inside NS2, some of them had been updated to support it. NS2 seems to be doing something a little differently.

  • It's here. It's called Atom 2. With the exception that it only handles notes at this time, it's everything I would have hoped for in a native Drambo piano roll. With the recent integrated pattern switching in Drambo it's as smooth as butter to use.

  • Good to know that it works for you @number37.

    Without being able to control anything, I wonder how many would be willing to give up the current sequencer, as clunky as it may feel compared to a piano roll.

    Looking forward to watch how Drambo and Atom/Atom 2 will evolve.

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    They’re not mutually exclusive. The sequencer can still be used for automation duties, with Atom 2 acting as a more convenient note editor for complex parts. It also has lots of features that the step sequencer doesn’t, at least without a lot of advanced module building.

    But yes, lack of cc automation is a big gap. I think it won’t be too horrible long in coming though.

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    In fact, automation recording and playback (no visualization or editing yet) just dropped. 😎

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