Auv3 Preset load by change of pattern

Would be so useful for a having a complete different track on each pattern!


  • No solution Yet?

  • As far as I know there is something on the roadmap to achieve this. It would work like midi program change message.

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    @Razmataz What exactly do you mean? AUv3 preset loading or Drambo track preset loading?

    I believe that neither of them will work without audio interruption, only few AUv3 synths support seamless preset switching for example.

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    This won’t work

    its going to click or cut the release of or some other crap …

    to do this u need to have several AUs loaded and mute what u don’t want to hear …

  • what I mean is like in Aum where you could do a preset load and change a preset by any midi message.

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