Floating Beyond Measurement

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Howdy everyone:

Today was a very good day in Drambo. I decided to try a little experiment designed around constraints. I wanted to see how far I could take a 4 Track composition inside of Drambo and make something layered, textured and with a lot of movement in an ambient space.

So the following Track represents this experiment in it's entirety. So what did I do, you might ask.

Go ahead. Ask. :)

Well, I brought Gauss in to the equation. This allowed me to record my foundational loops and still allowed me to construct additional sounds atop these foundational loops by leaving the Monitor ON within the instances of Gauss.

I then decided to go all in on Randomness, Chance, Humanness and a Mixer per Track. Everything was sounding pretty nice, but I decided to add a 5th instance of Gauss to the Master Track, which I recorded for 45 seconds, and dropped to 50% Speed and then added a Mixer to the Master, so I could control the main part of the track to the slower part of the track. Needless to say, things became a little mesmerizing to my ears by doing this. 

Ultimately I mapped all of my Mutes, Mixers, Chance and Volume knobs to my Midi Mixer and recorded the performance as best as I could based on the feeling it was giving me while it played back.

It was a worthwhile exploration and journey that I allowed myself to go on today, and I feel a little bit closer to the power and flexibility that Drambo gives us as musicians and sound designers.

Anyhoo, I figured I'd provide a little background on the piece...so I truly thank you for your time today and always.

Have a blessed day everyone. I hope the piece provides some comfort and relaxation to you.



-echo opera


  • Gorgeous track. Thanks for sharing and the insight into making it!

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    Thanks for the explanation. I listened to the track earlier today and was wondering what was happening with Gauss in the middle of the signal chains - now I understand that some of the sounds were coming through ‘monitor’.

    Gotta say, like a few other folks around here, your pieces and workflow are always inspiring and make me wanna try new techniques in Drambo too.

  • @Joe @aleyas A great many thanks for watching and commenting on the track. Thanks for the encouragement.

  • Here’s a little break down video of how i structured the track:

  • Thanks for the break down video @echoopera ! That was super helpful for me. I have been out of the iOS music scene for a couple of years, so I’m out of date on which music apps are worth having in 2021. Nice to get a glimpse of some good ones at work inside Drambo, which is where I’ll want to be using them! Really cool technique for getting some great atmospheric sounds. Amazing how far IOS music has come.

    I take it FRMS is on your favorites list?

  • @Joe many thanks for giving it a viewing. iOS has really grown up over the last couple years.

    FRMS is a great synth. But there are several others:






    Korg Module Pro

    to name several 😬

  • Thanks for the short list - very helpful to narrow things down a bit. Seems like there has been an explosion of apps since I last paid much attention. I’m just glad I found Drambo pretty quickly. It probably eliminates the need for loading up on too many. Feel like I can just build a lot of what I want right in Drambo.

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