Time Signatures?


Any chance of other time signatures in the future?

Would love to be able to do songs in weird time signatures like 7/4.




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    You can do that already. Just set beats in pattern to 7. Unfortunately the metronome will not reflect that but you can always create a click track yourself.

  • Oh right I didn't realize that...great!

    Thanks for the tip!

    So to the obvious follow-up question then....can we get different time sigs in the metronome then?

    I know this is possible in AUM but would be super useful for when using stand-alone.


  • I was wrong in regards to the metronome, it does work ! Do you actually own Drambo or just researching what’s possible?

    (Both fine btw)

  • Old thread, just trying this, but "Beats in Pattern" only shows :2 x2, there is no way to choose a different sig like the 7 as above (standalone)

    Has this been removed?

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    Same menu is there, in the scene pattern menu, plus there’s another menu down at the bottom of your screen. (Note that :2 x2 is “divide by, and multiply by”

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    You mean the metronome works, how? I set a 7 step pattern, the metronome still plays 4/4 or am I missing something?

    If one needs a metronome in 7/4 I think it’s better to build a custom click track, anyway, because likely you’ll want to make it 3+4 or 4+3 and that really depends on usage case, it wouldn’t be something I would expect the regular metronome to accommodate

  • As far as I can tell in the current version of Drambo:

    • Metronome doesn’t change to match Time Signature.
    • Anything below 16 beats in a pattern defaults to playing for 16 beats (when loop mode is off), which is probably a bug.
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    True! It's because the pattern meter overrides the clip meters in scene launcher, no matter if loop is on or off.

    As for the built-in metronome, I've built my own to design the click pattern I like the most, on a separate track.

    Right now, scenes can only have multiples of 12, 16 and 20 steps, with scene speed adapting to make the number of steps fit into a 4/4 bpm meter. Pattern length can be up to 16 bars though.

    I think that adding a "Last step" parameter in scene menu would help users compose in the meters they want.

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    Sorry, not sure how I’ve missed your reply. The metronome seems to be the techno guy who doesn’t care much about other possibilities than 4/4. I personally don’t find is annoying because I use D within Loopy Pro but inability to set signatures per pattern as well as auto grow not working well in those scenarios I feel like I’m wearing a straitjacket.

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