Midi channel lost when passing midi from one AU Midi processor to another same track??

I’m passing midi from one AU midi processor to another and discovered that regardless of the midi channel sent is the receiving AU midi processor receives on, channel 1, despite what the Drambo midi monitor module is telling me.

I made a quick video with Mozaic to demonstrate in Drambo and also in AUM where the issue does not occur using same example.

Wondering if this could be a bug or do I need to do it differently in Drambo?


  • Update is just around the corner with many fixes and improvements. :)

  • I don’t know the answer to your question but just wanted to compliment you on a well constructed demonstration of the issue you’re seeing. Very clear and concise. Hope it gets resolved!

  • Thanks Joe :-) for taking the time to let me know. It made me laugh and smile!

  • Seems the new update didn’t change anything on this front. I’m wondering if anyone can confirm that it is a current limitation or do I have something wrong?

    PS: Other than that the new update is great.... thanks!

  • Have you tried MIDI/CHANNEL FILTER module?

  • @rec if I do the same experiment in my video with a midi channel filter in between regardless of whether it is set to filter or set the midi that is passed through is showing up in the second instance of Mozaic as being on CH1.

    So, 1st Mozaic sends channel 5

    Midi Filter sets or filters channel 5

    2nd Mozaic receives midi but showing channel 1

    Anything that gets through the filter ends up inside Mozaic as CH1

    This is what the 2nd Mozaic is doing....


  • It looks like there might be a bug...

    As a workaround drop Channel filter module behind the second mozaic, set each Ch filter to desired channel and send their output to Midi Mixer module.

    Here I’m duplicating same note to both ch1 and ch2

  • Thanks will give it try.

  • Yeah it looks like channel filtering isn't working for AUv3 plugins yet.....it only seems to work for Drambo modules

  • edited February 2021

    @rec It seems to me that midi passed into an AU plugin is ignoring the channel and being received in the AU plugin on CH1...

    Also, one other thing I noticed is that the midi mixer mutes device doesn’t display any connections above 4 in compact view. Is this the best place to flag potential bugs like this? I’m having such a great time with Drambo, not here to complain, just a fyi type of thing...

  • Yes, this is an old bug. I have reported it quite a few versions ago so I hope now it will get some attention, also some people in audiobus forum are now mentioning it.

  • Hi,

    Sorry to dredge up an old thread, but I've run into this issue and wonder has it ever been addressed?

    Using Drambo standaIone, I am routing MIDI from 2 tracks on different MIDI channels into another track hosting a mirack instance. However mirack will only receive the MIDI on channel 1.

    Maybe there is a workaround?

    Thanks in advance for any tips!

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