Simple round-robin sampler patch

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I’ve crated a very simple round robin sampler patch that cycles through 5 samples in sequence. It works by using a 5-step gate counter to modulate a transpose module so that each time you trigger a C2 note it cycles through the five samples in sequence (C2, C#2, D2, D#2, E2).

Here’s a quick demo video:

...and here are download links for the project and module (you’ll have to load in your own samples):


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    Tagging @aleyas because I recall he was asking about round robin recently

    ...and I’ve updated the module to include an oscilloscope that helps you keep track of where in the 5-sample sequence you currently are (it steps up from 0 to 5 and then repeats)

  • I’ve now added a Random Robin variation that lets the user select how many samples it should randomly pick from.

    Download here:

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    Thanks @tk32 !!

    May I suggest a small change for convenience? (just an idea, maybe it's overkill here 😄)

    Or just label the buttons with something like "2 semi", "3 semi" etc.

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    Excellent. Thank you @rs2000

    I was trying to create a switching feature just like this myself last night, but I mistakenly went down the route of putting each random module inside a layer and then it just wouldn’t work the way it is supposed to. Turns out I hadn’t discovered the wonderful Switch N-1 module yet.

  • It's a relatively new module, maybe that's why 😊

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    Thanks to the power of math (and a very helpful suggestion from @rs2000 ) I have updated both my Round Robin and Random Robin modules to include buttons that let the user easily switch from between 2 to 9 samples.


  • What a great idea and execution this is 🙂

    Was thinking it would be great to ultimately see Round Robins per note velocity layer, and a Release Trigger per note, in Sampler. 

    DigiStix by 4Pockets has a pretty simple and elegant way of handling Round Robins. You just drag a second (third, fourth or fifth) sample to the same note velocity layer and it assigns it as a Round Robin Layer (which, if needed, can be swapped about or deleted in ‘Edit’ later). 

    I’m not sure RR’s and RT’s are in the roadmap (I’ve asked @rs2000 😊) but to my mind they would be another great advantage to Drambo. 

    What are your thoughts, do others agree? 🤔

  • Hey @Connor

    Glad you are finding both my RR/RR modules useful.

    If you map samples to different velocities, they should both still work as expected, since the sampler is still velocity sensitive. However, the gate counter will not cycle independently per-velocity.

    I could probably make a more advanced version that cycles lower and higher velocities separately, but I can’t think of a situation when I would need this. Can you explain an example use case to me?

  • Hey @tk32 my comment was more to assess if there’s demand for RR’s and RT’s in Sampler officially and, if we could maybe get that included on the roadmap, rather than asking you to do more work 🙂

    The use case for this, in my mind at least, is for acoustic instruments (piano and guitar predominately for me) and also for some older analogue sounds. Just so one can get those subtle variations (if you want them) when playing/recording at any velocity.

  • ahh. understand better now. Thanks :)

    If you can think of any other ways I could improve these modules, do please let me know. I like a challenge

  • Will do, but for now just know your work is inspiring and impressive 🙂

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