Drambo 1.32 severe performance degrading IPad Pro 12.9 2020 1tb, latest ios


after latest update app become quite slow and buggy for me.

when loading Drambo standalone it takes up to 12 seconds after the UI become responsive and some auv3 instruments are crashing (those from Audiokit guys especially).

slowness of the app occurs also on my iPad Pro 12.9 2018 but it is fast and responsive on my air 4 and on my iPhone 12.

tested also on a 1st gen iPad Pro 12.9 with Drambo not updated to latest version and all is working blazing fast.

anyone else? Could I send some logs to help?



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    Could you check latency settings? 125 or 512 samples? have you tried to restart your ipad?

    Is this related only to some AUv3 plugins or to Drambo itself. You mentioned 12s loading time..

    (there are some problems with Audiokit plugins and dev is aware of them, so lets separate plugins from Drambo at first)

  • I thought I should mention this.

    It takes time for dRambo to go through the auv3 list on occasion especially with new updates.

    When dRambo is doing this it can become sluggish.

    It isn't the only app to do this.

    I had the same issue with Audio Evolution Mobile a few days ago.

  • Hmmm yes it scans plugins on start and it takes about 1s here with 40 audio units

  • Exactly.

    Once it has done this then dRambo is super fast.

  • Digitalism is buggy as hell

  • Yea... I bought AudioKit D1 and then they realized that AUv3 was not going to work. They offered me a different app for free but I never followed up.

  • Sorry for the late reply.

    after restart iPad Drambo load fast as hell, but if I close it and reload it again it opens slow.

    maybe is scanning my huge library of auv3.

    latency is 512.

    I try to show difference in responsiveness after boot up iPad.

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    Ok just tested.

    after rebooting Drambo is fast and it works immediately but the auv3 instruments list, for example, is empty.

    second boot is slow and you can not tap anything for 10 seconds but after this time auv3 lists are already populated.

    hope it can help.

  • 233 auv3 instruments in the list.

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    The auv3 sluggishness started happening after iOS 14 dropped last year.

    Wait for a day or two and see what happens.

  • Is this limited to iPad Pros? Maybe even certain models or screen sizes? Drambo stand-alone loads in a jiffy on my iPad 6 with iPadOS 14.4, and 50+ AU are immediately available. First time after restart, and every other time.

    I wonder if this has to do with iOS support for newer screen pixel sizes. These new devices seem to have pixel counts all over the place.


  • Its definitely AU preloading on the appstart.. + some user case glitch ... maybe ios version ( 12 had some problems with loading icons )

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