Recording A Live Performance

What are people using to record a live performance (audio only) of a Drambo Project?

I appreciate there’s the ‘Export Audio’ option but what about when recording a more fluid live performance?

AUM would normally be first choice but what if you have one or more AU3’s in your Drambo project, and therefore can’t load your project inside AUM? 

One solution is using the native ‘Screen Recording’ function in iOS, then converting to .Wav using the ‘MP3 Converter’ app (free at the time of writing this but I don’t think ‘Screen Recording’ captures the best audio quality. So, what are you using? 🤔


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    I've been putting a Flexi after the master channel to record everything.

    The problem is that Flexi has an artificial recording time limitation, it will stop after 1 minute, and "Export audio" only works offline.

    AudioLayer as an AUv3 audio recorder works though.

    @giku Any news on recording?

  • I've asked the same question on fb, and 4pockets multitrack recorder was mentioned.

    I'm using Enso for recording, because that's what I have, but it's capped to 5 minutes max, and soon after reaching the limit it crashes the drambo alltogether.

    Of course, I'd rather not waste money on a recording plugin that would become obsolete the moment drambo has a native recording solution.

  • Ah that was you 😊 I remembered that last night but quickly realised it wasn’t going to work.  

    A slight change to the ‘Recorder’ module (keeping the function separate to Flexi) to allow recording for a track length period of time and the ability to save the recording (Local and iCloud, as the Flexi Sampler does) would be very helpful. 

    Even better, if you could choose your destination folder and it would remember where you like your recordings ie. ‘iCloud/Drambo/Bounces’. 

    That would be MVP for me. We could get on to a discussion about stemming, tape simulations, tape speed and looping in the fully fledged Drambo Recorder at another point in time 😁

    Thanks for the tip re AudioLayer. I’m afraid I offloaded it as the UI on iPhone X was too frustrating...that and I hope the future auto mapping protocol in Drambo will replace my manual endeavours. That reminds me, do you know if Round Robins per note velocity layer and release triggers  per note are on the roadmap for Sampler? 

    DigiStix by 4Pockets has a pretty simple and elegant way of handling Round Robins. You just drag a second (third, fourth or fifth) sample to the same note velocity layer and it assigns it as a Round Robin Layer (which, if needed, can be swapped about or deleted in ‘Edit’ later). Adding a release trigger per note would make a complete Drambo Sampler for me.

  • I don’t record. Yet. Waiting for multichannels so I can route tracks to the modular and ableton using the ES-9.

  • So far I’ve just been using the OS screen recorder for that scenario (> 1 min, Drambo as AU host). The audio component seems to get captured into the video as 44.1KHz AAC. That is a compressed format but it’s good enough for my purposes. I render out the audio component to WAV or M4A with LumaFusion.

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