MIDI Inputs on CV modules

I’m working on a patch and was interested in potentially having a sync’d delay that was sync’d to something other than the track’s MIDI clock. There seems to be an input for timing on the Delay Rack unit, but it’s a MIDI input. Since this is a CV module, I’m not really finding much in the way of modules that I can connect into this input.

Thought I might be able to connect an LFO or a Clock Gen or even one of the time bender modules, but they don’t seem to be the right type.

Any ideas?


  • @giku How does the MIDI input in Delay Rack work?

    @Joe Switching Sync to "Time" and modulating the Length input should be what you're looking for.

  • JoeJoe
    edited February 23

    What I was originally looking for was a way to engage/disengage the sync button across multiple delay units buried deeper in the patch with a single switch or other UI controller. I couldn’t find a way to do that, so that let me down this little rabbit hole trying to figure out a way to use that MIDI input.

    I guess most of the Eurorack devices I’ve run across that are syncable have a clock input - they are expecting a steady stream of evenly spaced gates or triggers, and many will have a way to multiply or divide that signal internally. So intuitively I was thinking the delay modules might have either that or a time input on them. Not sure what I’d do with a MIDI input unless there were multiple MIDI sources coming in...

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