Bidirectional midi

If using a controller with encoders, can drambo send data to them?


  • recrec
    edited February 24

    Not yet.

    giku posted a roadmap for future plans on AB forum

    A rough roadmap looks like this:

    • Multiroute audio io
    • Parameter automation, midi recording, automation editor as an addition to p-locks
    • Sequencer extensions: length and speed per clip / track, new components, autoadvance, etc..
    • Clips and clip launcher
    • MIDI learn: control surfaces, in rack MIDI learn (so that you can map CC inside e.g. Instrument rack, make them local)
    • Instant stems recording
    • Morph module (acts like morph scenes)
    • Better sample management, drag'n'drop between modules, sample editor
    • A lot of new modules: Flexi 2.0, Looper, Analog filters, spectral processing, new sequencers
    • Graphics synthesis: screen signal type
    • UI/UX improvements

    btw in the meantime with encoders you can use relative midi to avoid jumping values. (if supported by the controller)

  • That is quite an impressive list of features, seems almost unreal. A python module would be great, too.

  • Funny I’d just seen that post on the ab forum

    good stuff!

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