0hz sine shaping effect with the FM Operator

edited February 25 in Tips and Tricks

Some of you probably already know about this, but I thought I'd share anyway.

This is technique that turns the FM Operator into a sine waveshaper. It's basically a hidden effect found in this generator module. With it you can process samples, percussion, basslines - anything. 

To use the effect:

-Add a sound generator, and then add an FM operator afterwards. 

-Route the sound source to to FM Op's 'fm input'. 

-set 'end level' to max

-trigger the operator by pressing a note on the keyboard

-set ratio to 0

-Now the operator has become a waveshaper. Increase 'fm depth' to hear the effect.


Because 'fm depth' increases both the effect AND the volume, use an x-fader to blend the dry signal with the fm operators signal (wet signal). 

'End level' at max is great for sustained sounds like loops, breakbeats, percussion, anything actually. But turning 'end level' to 0 will allow you to trigger the FM Operator's internal (ASD) amp envelope. 

'Phase' and 'Freq' will drastically alter the character of the effect. 

'Detune' will add subtle variation to the shaping, and will play off the 'feedback' parameter in interesting ways.

Anyway, it's my first 'tutorial'. Hope you like it!


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