This is what audio routed through a mod env's gate can sound like

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Looking for further methods to abuse modulation and gate inputs for audio, I discovered that many modules in the Modulator and Miscellaneous sections can make very good, if unorthodox effects.

This is an example of an FM Operator being routed into the gate input of a graphic envelope. I plotted a crude sine wave for it. Modulating envelope length creates a very cool timbre, almost like oscillator sync. After these experiments, I wonder if @giku would consider adding a modulation input to the Graphic Envelope's 'length' knob so that envelopes or lfo's could control this sweep.

I'll upload more videos soon about routing audio through LFO, Retrigger, Graphic Modulator, Bernoulli Gates, Pan knob inputs, and more. It's basically like discovering a new suite of effects.


  • This sounds very good! It's a classic hard sync :)

    Yes I can make this parameter modulatable.. no prob

  • Ah, so it is a hard sync! Makes sense now that I think about it. Really cool you'll expose that knob!

    I've been routing audio through a lot of 'incorrect' inputs the past couple days. I've got theories as to some of the resultant sounds (AM, phase modulation, rectification, etc) but I'll need to post here to get confirmation about what's actually happening!

  • I'd say it's a mix between hard sync above the root frequency and PWM below that.

    BTW, you could also load a dual sine cycle into the wavetable osc and use the PWM wave effect (thanks again @giku for fulfilling my request 😊🌞)

    Since the FM OSC is only a sync source here, a simple OSC shouldn't make a difference.

  • Excellent idea. I'll try that out now!

  • Using your new sound as an input for another FM OSC is certainly fun! 😃

  • There is one underrated module - pulse divider. Its bandlimited and ready to work with audio signals. I achieved some very interesting sounds mixing it in between.

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    Nice! Sinewave osc into pulse div modulating level.

    I wish I could show these waveforms more easily, using a threshold that always works and a trigger dead time that depends on the X scale. I always have to detune the oscillators because Threshold is so unreliable.

  • Let me fix that ;)

  • Cool, thank you!

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