Can't get MPE Tutorial project to work

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I'm loading the MPE project in the Tutorials folder and can't seem to get it to work. If I go to the Instrument Rack and disable MPE, then it plays. But if MPE is enabled in the Instrument Rack module then I get no sound. When I play a key, I do see a pad flash, as though some midi data was received, but no sound.

So I'm wondering if there's a bug in the MPE tutorial project. I'm a Drambo newbie, so it could be I'm doing something wrong.

I was actually investigating MPE on Drambo to see if it was possible to use MPE Mode with an AUv3 synth. For example, with Zeeon. Is it possible to load Zeeon into Drambo and configure the project to work as an MPE synth with Zeeon voices?


  • Just bumping this. Can anyone confirm whether or not the MPE Tutorial project shipped with Drambo works or not? I can't get it to work on either of my iPads when the MPE is enabled on the instrument rack module. No sound. If I disable MPE then it seems to work.

  • I'm gonna take a look at this and get back to you soon. If it doesn't work it will be fixed on upcoming update.

  • Great, thanks.

  • heshes
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    I rechecked this yesterday and I think the problems were all my own confusion.

    I was expecting the Drambo project to still make a sound in MPE mode when fed by NOTE-ON messages from the built-in keyboard. It doesn't. But it seems to work fine from my external MPE controller. I think I wasn't understanding that with MPE a NOTE-ON message does nothing by itself to create sound, needs pressure messages afterwards to do that,. . . (I guess the velocity in the Note-On message is ignored, at least this project.)

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