Atom piano Roll2 and Drambo - parameter recording without the incoming notes


I recently posted this question on the audiobus forum where I got some clever replies, but I am still unable to do it the way I would like to. So I thought why not ask the question here.  Perhaps something to consider for future updates?

In AUM, when I use Atom Piano Roll 2 to send midi notes to Drambo I have the following issue: I only want to tweak and record the p-locks without Drambo recording the incoming midi notes, but I cannot do this, as there is no way as far as I can tell of disabling the recording of midi notes but not of p-locks.

I know I could record those notes in Drambo and tweak the p-locks from there, but I would much rather use the Atom2 piano roll sequencer and not the one Drambo has, as it is faster to drag notes around, drag their tails to control length, see chords, and many etc. On top of that, I like it that, when constructing a loop, I can easily set a high number of bars on Atom and then rapidly select the ones I need, just by dragging the ruler.

I have no problem doing this on the standalone version of Drambo, as there I can record p-locks without the notes triggered by Atom2 (I place Atom2 as an audio unit midi processor). But this is not possible when I place Drambo on AUM, where adding an audio unit midi processor inside Drambo is not allowed. Thus, Atom2 is a separate midi unit in AUM, and for some reason this means that everything (notes and p-locks) get recorded in Drambo

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    That's a good question. I believe Atom 2 actually addressed this issue itself, for when a midi note triggers Atom as a clip. I think with 'thru' enabled, then the midi notes Atom receives aren't recorded to it's sequencer. If Drambo had a 'thru' mode, that allowed midi to pass too the track, without being recorded to the sequencer, that seems like it'd be the simplest solution.

    Maybe that could be a mode setting for midi input (module): receive, transpose, thru

  • Exactly! A midi "thru" mode would be ideal for something like this

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