One knob controlled variation

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I have been playing around with techniques to add variety to a sequence, controlled with one knob. The goal is to have one knob per track mapped to my beatstep, to allow easy variation during performance.

This solution I've found is to map the knob to a midi chance module. That on its own is too chaotic, so what I've done is also hook up the chance module to a beat-synced graphic modulator. So when the midi controller sets chance to its minimum value, the chance will be entirely controlled by the modulator. Inbetween you get some subsetting but mostly the original sequence.

This video isn't the best example of the technique but you get the idea.


  • Sequencer scene conditions are another way to add up to 16 variations to one pattern if you can afford "giving up" scenes for that purpose.

    @giku The Scene Condition step component should allow for multiple scenes selection.

  • Definitely! I've been saving my scenes for larger changes that span multiple sounds or require knobs that can't be modulated otherwise. Admittedly I make noisy beat stuff mostly, so chaos is a feature not a bug :)

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    After using my previous idea more, I decided it was too random and unweildy for my tastes.

    My new "one-slider track variation" is a blending of two sequences. A beat synced lfo is then run through a greater than formula. If the position of the lfo is higher than the knob value, one sequence plays. otherwise the other sequence okays (controlled by chance modules).

    With a saw wave the slider pretty much controls a point in the lfo period where the other sequence start. But with more complex lfos more complex blending can be achieved. I'm much more happy with this one.

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