audio outputs channels from D in standalone

Dzień dobry, wspaniały ten Drambo, super dźwięk i możliwości, wprost uzależnia. Dziękuję za niego!

I waited for multichannel audio in standalone mode from beginning.

And now its possible.

As standalone app I have on rme octamic xtc:

Drambo 24in / 4 out

AUM 24 in / 24 out

Cubasis 24 in / 24 out

AURIA 24 in / 24 out

How can I help in resolve this problem?

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    I tried Drambo standalone accidentally during session of AUM in background with opened ports 23-24.

    Where I open and use output port 23-24 in AUM, then Drambo (started as second) see all 24 outputs standalone.

    When I quit AUM and Drambo, and run Drambo again, D standalone see 4 USB outs.

    AUM in background not help if it has empty session. Must be at least something outputted to port 23-24 , then Drambo during initialize at start of standalone mode see ports till 24.

    attached is small preview

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