Standalone Drambo not supporting IAA drawback

The more I use Drambo in standalone, the more I can’t imagine using any other AUv3 hosts, the integration in term of AUv3 modulation power, p-lock, connectivity, is soooo powerful, straight forward and fun to use in D.

That said, the lack of IAA in standalone unfortunately makes it impossible to benefit from the AUv3 host power of D in conjunction with great non AUv3 apps such as Samplr, Elastic Drum, Seekbeats, triqtraq, TC-11, Borderlands, Bebot, Nave, Shoom, Thumbjam, Holderness Media fx apps etc...

I know that Drambo AUv3 can be used with those in another AUv3 host such as AUM or Audiobus but then, a great deal of the power of D have to be set aside.

I still could be using a second device and an audio interface to integrate the sound from those IAA...

I wonder what that decision to leave IAA out of the equation means in term of work, stability, maintenance required from a developper point of view. It probably makes more sense than I can see.


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    With IAA being one of the technologies deprecated by Apple since quite a while already, IAA support is unlikely to happen.

    This doesn't keep you from using these apps though!

    Make sure background audio is enabled in these apps and sync them with Drambo over Ableton Link or MIDI clock sync, both supported by Drambo. iOS will automatically mix the audio output of these apps.

    Not only that. These apps usually create virtual MIDI ports as well so using Drambo's MIDI Out module, you can use them as sound generators with Drambo. You just don't have access to their audio outputs directly.

    And you can control parameters like volume, pan, sound parameters etc if these IAA apps support MIDI CC.

  • @PhC As rs2000 mentioned this technology is deprecated (and personally I'm grateful for that :)

    You should rather ask devs for AUv3 support - its the only future proof way.

  • Thanks guys, I did not know that D had a background audio option, this will do the trick!

    I can't wait for the next audio standard paradigm shift to deprecate AUv3! 😂

    All things considered, full eurorack route wouldn't have been so bad. :)

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