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I thought I’d share my latest creation in Drambo Standalone over here. I really hope you all like it!

*from the AudioBus forums*

“Playing with the new ID700 synth here. 3 instances, the first one is sequenced by Autony, the “unreliable sequencer”, with a graphic modulator on the main for volume swelling for this track.

Also on Track 1 are two more G-mods (graphic modulators) one controlling Autony’s transpose knob, and the other controlling an index in the ID700.

Tracks 2, 3, & 4 Drambo “Drums on Keys” (Some of the best drum sounds on iOS live here IMO)

On the main, I did use a set of 2 G-Mods on the Hats. One to control the pan of the hats, and the second one to control the speed of the pan. Playing with two of these set up like this can yield very interesting results where the pan will drift, and stop certain places, then start moving again... it’s really neat!

Track 5 “ Jon Bass”! I’m really starting to love this module! Been using it in a lot of things.

Track 6 The Amazing “Tines [INVIS] 5” module! (Wavetable synth IAP)

Track 7 Ravenscroft 275 and some Eventide Blackhole (always a winning combo!)

Track 8 Slammer - Love these cymbals! Also using a shovel lol

Track 9 ID700 - another random preset chosen for a small melody line.

Track 10 ID700 - On this instance I did a little tweaking on a random preset and dialed in a new preset of my own. “Intrepolicious_1” which I’d be willing to share if someone could show me how


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