Fun with Atom2 and Drambo

edited April 23 in Musical creations

Here's a link to a little Drambo project file using 4 instances of Atom 2. In order to get the full experience, you'll need the following synths:

. Model 15

. Factory

. Pure Piano

The project also includes the Random Note generator @bcrichards helped me to craft last feel free to use that elsewhere in your compositions...just save it out as a Midi Rack for later use.


Hope you enjoy the track :wink: 

When it opens, if you have all of the above synths, just hit Play and enjoy the groove :blush: 


It's quite fun getting variety to flow from a 2-4 bar loop when you can randomize things :)

Thanks DRAMBO!


  • This looks fun! Thanks for sharing the project file. I’ll be playing with the random note generator for sure!

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