Note CV / midi note generator question

The manual indicates that pitch is represented as 8 octaves of cv values 0-1. I’m trying to mentally map that to the midi note generator that generates 10.75octaves (128 notes) over the cv range of -0.5 to 0.8229.

Also, not really sure how to express this but it appears that the note values are centered over 0.125V/12 ranges rather beginning on 0.125V/12 boundaries. That is, C2 is at 0V, 0.125V/12 is 0.0104V. C#2 begins at 0.0053V and extends to 0.016V rather than C2 beginning at 0V and C#2 beginning at 0.0104V. Correct?


  • Actually, it seems like the only place pitch is represented as 0..1 is in setting oscillator cutoff frequency. The note values from MIDI to CV start at -0.5, as you describe. So that's the note range understood by the oscillators and other components. Not sure about rounding vs truncation in the note generator, but sounds like you've tested it.

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